Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's All About Me

Been trying to fix up some of the old photos I scanned while in Louisiana after Christmas.

I thought I would put a few on here that have no connection to one another with regards to time and place.

The common factor is that I'm in all of them.

So today, it's all about me.

I have no idea where this was taken. I was of the age when we were living in Vidalia, so I would suspect that maybe this was taken in The Natchez Trace Parkway. Maybe.
This one also has an unknown location. Maybe another trip to The Natchez Trace Parkway. It was, and still is, a beautiful place. Back in the day one could swim in Cole's Creek within the park. I just love how sharp that old Plymouth Fury III looks. Don C. was a freak about waxing the family ride, and this looks like it was recently spit shined.
OK, I put this one here for laughs. I have always existed in a dream world. I've gotten good as I've aged at looking engaged with the world while completely out of it, but back then, not so much. Hence the limp armed, slack jawed look as I wandered aimlessly. The lady in the background is Mrs. Harper, who, along with Mr. Harper were lifelong friends of my parents. Actually, Mr. and Mrs. Harper are still alive and kicking, and she and Sainted Mother talk by phone a lot.
This one's a beaut. Only Big Sis looks alert and happy here. The rest of us either look angry (Don C.), look like they'd rather be on Mars than having their picture taken (Sainted Mother), half asleep (Big Brother), and last but not least, my totally vacant expression. I would love to know what I was thinking about. This pic is actually at my house, and we keep it framed and set out with some other pictures, and when folks visit and they're looking around, this one, namely my expression, invariably stops them in their tracks. A first look at my blank look in this pic is funny enough to make even the most stone-faced person crack up. I just thought I would share.
This one isn't a childhood photo, this is what happens to me when I lay on the couch or sit in my recliner. I'm immediately draped in poodles. We have two other ones not in the picture yet, so I actually end up with four of them.

See why I like to TAKE photographs, and NOT be in them?


Hammer said...

I like the fury III as well. Great pics as usual. I used to have poodles, they do tend to congregate on the nearest reclined body :)

Marsha (Big Sis) said...

First of all, let me say you stole my 2006 & 2007 motto "It's all About Me" Secondly, please dear Lord tell me you are not going to post the infamous grocery store family photo taken at the front of the store where I was mortified!

JAM said...

Marsha, I hereby solemnly swear and do promise not to post that photo where you look so miserable because we were having a siblings only portrait taken in the front of the local grocery store.


I already have. You obviously have the memory of a newt, because I already posted it only a couple of months ago.

My millions of readers only need to look back to the last week of December to see that photo where you look so miserable because we were having a siblings only portrait taken in the front of the local grocery store.

OR, they can click on the link I so nicely provided above.

Marsha (Big Sis) said...

For some reason, I had a sneaking suspicion that you already had but I didn't remember when. Yes, I have the memory of a newt! Thank you for sharing the link again with your viewers. God, I remember that like it was yesterday. The utter humiliation of sitting at the front of a grocery store having your picture taken! I was scarred for life by this experience!