Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Number Two Daughter has to make a scrapbook of her life for a project in school. She's a senior at Bayside High School here in Palm Bay.

She pulled out some of our print photos of her through the years, and some with various family members as well. Last night I began to scan them for her, some have faded and the colors shifted, and I wanted to try to give them new life.

Once I'm finished, all we have to do is to print out the scanned and improved photos for her to put into her scrapbook.

The pics I'm posting today are ones I scanned and worked on last night.

Awww. Isn't she cute up there on my shoulders? Nope. Actually, about 10 seconds after this photo was taken, she threw up on my head! No lie. I've never had a bird to dive bomb me with poop, but I have had a baby's vomit in my hair.

Number Two Daughter is like me in that she doesn't mind being alone. This was way back when we lived in Georgia, probably around 1990. She'd go in her room, surrounded by stuffed friends and "read."

Number One Daughter got a tent one Christmas when we were in Georgia. This is Number One Daughter and me in the tent, with Number Two Daughter behind the tent on the left. We'd set it up in the garage and they could play in there.

This is of her when she began kindergarten in Monroe, Louisiana after we'd moved back there for me to attend Louisiana Tech in nearby Ruston. She's all dolled up and ready for some learnin'.

For several years after we moved to Palm Bay, Florida in 1996, we would take pics of the girls on the beach or somewhere really Florida-ey looking, have Christmas cards made and that's what we would send as cards to our family and friends. This was the very first photo for a Christmas card from 1996, taken in November.

Now that they're both pretty much all growed up, Number Two Daughter is a couple of inches taller than Number One Daughter.


Babystepper said...

Pulling out the old baby photos is always lots of fun. Hope she's enjoying her blast from the past.

Hammer said...

Cute kids. Yours look to be ten years older than mine. I'm taking plenty of pictures too.

Jackie said...

Thanks for the visit.

I bet the scrapbook will be great with all these wonderful photos. Something to keep to show your grandchildren one day.

JR's Thumbprints said...

In this day and age--scrap booking? What ever happened to power point presentations?

JAM said...

Jr, yeah. I think they wanted the students to have something that they could be graded on and also keep for the future. The only time she's had to do powerpoint was in computing classes. Otherwise it's normal stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hello,this is daughter two here.
This is our senior project. Not only are we getting graded on creativity, but our writing skills as well. Plus the computers at school are crapy and crash if you try to show a power point.