Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Few More Lunch Pics

I have to admit that after 10 years down here, it's really easy to take for granted how close we are to the beach.

Sometimes, like Thursday, when Lovely Wife gets off work, I feel the need to escape from work, if only for a little while. It's a nice pressure valve.

I'm not putting these here to be mean and thumb my nose, I'm just trying to share the beauty.

The weather has really been amazing lately, and yes, I have to force myself to turn, get back in the car, and go back to work.

A guy that works for the same company I do, that I once worked on a project with, had a really tough time with the stress. He was also a surfer. On the mornings I would ask him how it was going and he would reply, "Surf's up!", I knew he would be gone for two or three hours for lunch. He would show back up later, and then just stay until 7 or 8 pm to make up the time. That was his pressure valve.

I can't surf though. I just wander, look, and enjoy the smell of the beach.

In the lower half of this next shot, below, you see two horizontal dark bands in the water. It looks sort of like two shallow steps in a waterfall. That is coquina, a type of rock formed of ancient coral. Some beaches have coquina in the surf, and some don't, around here. Gotta be careful not to stub your toes.

Under the sea grapes. I love these things. Lovely Wife bought me one and we have it growing in the back yard. These on the beach are huge and mature.


Hammer said...

I'm about 1.5 hours from the beach but the gulf looks nowhere as nice as the beach in your pics.

Sharon Lynne said...

How nice, to live so close to the beach! Very beautiful photos...

Stress relief. Walking is good for that. I like to hike. My husband likes to ride-off road to reduce stress.

When you have a minute stop by, I've some pictures up--about riding off-road.

Rick Capezza said...

What beach is that?

JAM said...

Rick, it's Canova Beach Park in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. Brevard county is about half way between Jacksonville and Miami, on the Atlantic coast.