Sunday, December 09, 2012

Picture Post, Sunday December 9, 2012

I haven't done a Picture Post in a while.  And though it's over in the evening on Sunday, I'll post one anyway.  Not that anyone sees these any more, but I want to keep the blog alive, even if on machine life support...

I've actually taken some photos here and there recently.

These first two are the Christmas themed photos that I set up and shot for Lovely Wife's and my Facebook "cover" photos.  I hate trying to adapt regular photos for the slender slot available there, so I set out to create some purpose-made photos to fit the Facebook cover area.

I've been learning to use off camera flash in such a way as to look natural, as if I had some good sunlight available to use whenever and in whatever direction I want.  This first one was some of the first decorations that came out of our first box of ornaments we opened.  They were just set up for testing my studio (also known as the kitchen) and backgrounds and flash settings. But I thought this was a really pretty photo and it's now Lovely Wife's Facebook cover photo.

This one with Santa and the snowman, I had taken and cropped to be put on Facebook on December1, but I woke up November 30th with the idea in my head to add the cross shadow in the background.  I was pleased with the way it turned out. 

In mid November, Number One Daughter and I drove up to Titusville, Florida to go to Canaveral National Seashore.  We had never been, and the main road into the park runs along the northern border of Kennedy Space Center.  I had her pull off the road to let me take this photo of Launch Complex 39B.  Some of America's great space endeavours began right out there, just to the left of the water tower in the left half of the frame.  I think it is now being deconstructed.  It is the pad where the unfortunate Shuttle Challenger lifted from in 1986.

This is Canaveral Seashore itself.  We thought the cloud shapes and the light on them made them look like the dramatic entrance of the space ships of the alien invaders from the 1990s "Independence Day" movie.  Lovely nonetheless.

On the way back to Titusville and then on to home, we had to go back over the Max Brewer Causeway.  I asked Number One Daughter to pull off and let me take some night shots of the bridge since it was then lighted so nicely.  The crescent moon up there adds a nice spot of interest.  I absolutely LOVE the deep blue of a dusk-time sky.  I have a big, heavy tripod (as tripods go) but the wind was blowing so hard I had to adjust the shutter times and block the wind with my body just to get a couple of sharp photos.

God bless you all, and hope you're having a good Christmas season!