Sunday, March 18, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday March 18, 2007

From the archives.

Before I bought a Nikon digital single lens reflex camera last summer, we used a Sony DSC S-75 that we bought in 2002.

Point and shoot digital cameras tend to be slow, but if you learn what it can do as well as it's limitations, you can make some really good photographs.

A 14 year old kid with his grandfather's old Pentax K-1000 and a bit of vision, can out photograph someone with $5000 worth of camera equipment. What's in his heart and mind matters more than having the latest camera equipment.

That being said, I love my Nikon D70s, for the speed at which it operates if nothing else.

Here are a few photos from the archives, all taken with our Sony digital point and shoot.

In Orlando, near the theme parks, Disney built a nifty shopping area called Downtown Disney. These first four photos were all taken there a few years ago, when Big Sis came down to visit from way up there in Louisiana.

This first one is of The Guitar Galler, one of my must see stores at Downtown Disney. This guitar shop has guitars and basses from $200 to $25,000. A small store, but really cool.

Big Sis will kill me for this one, but that's me pointing out a Sting autographed model Fender bass for Big Sis. She was obviously in awe. This is inside the guitar store pictured above.
A sign over the entrance to the Pleasure Island section of Downtown Disney. Restaurants, clubs, etc. I just liked the colorful sign. In fact the whole place is colorful and shiny. I like shiny things.

This was taken in a store that sold Disney art. It is a beautiful place with beautiful but expensive stuff. They had a beautiful Peter Pan and Hook's ship painting that I wanted, but it was hundreds of dollars. Oh well.

About 20 or 30 miles north of Palm Bay, is Port Canaveral, Florida. The city of Port Canaveral that is. If you go on a Disney Cruise, chances are you will leave from here. Well, it's one of the origin points of Disney cruises. This is the inlet from which the cruise ships come in and go out. This is a public park called Jetty Park. The evening we took Big Sis, this beautiful sailboat came into port.

Some sea oats at Jetty Park. The sand has blown up on the monstrous rocks forming the jetty and made a dune.

See? Even our old 3 Megapixel camera can take great photos.


Marsha (Big Sis) said...

Well, here's memory newt again that forgot we went to that guitar store! I bet there was a Keith Urban guitar on display and I didn't even know who he was at the time!

Wingnut said...

Kewl shots.... I ahve always said, give Ansel Adams a K-1000 and a pro the top equiptment out there, and who do you think will take the better photograph?

Great post.... stoppin in to say hello :)