Monday, July 09, 2012

Picture Post, Monday July 9, 2012

You would expect it to be hot in July in Florida, and you would be right.  But that's normal; no one here is blaming the heat on global warming.  It's summer, people!

Sunday June 8, over in the afternoon, after the worst of the heat, I really had the bug to go out and "photograph things."

It's like an itch that MUST be scratched.

One problem.  My back.  Bad day.

What to do?

Go out into the back yard where Lovely Wife was sitting in the shade and Number One Daughter was taking advantage of our swimming pool, and try to find some scenes to photograph in the beautiful slanting evening sunlight.

I was able to get some interesting enough photos to scratch my dire photography itch.

Metal Bird Feeder Holder Thingy with Butterfly Decoration.
 I had looked on them thar internets Sunday afternoon and went through some "slide" shows of mostly street photography.   As a person not from a big city, I have always been fascinated with the slice-of-life views of city street life, especially in black and white.  (Though today's politically correct term for "black and white" photos is now "monochrome."  The term "black and white photography" is deemed by some to be too close to racist.)

After viewing all of that street photography inspiration, I was going to photograph something, even if it was just medicine bottles on my dresser top.  Thankfully, the back yard and the lovely evening sun held enough interesting things to try to photograph in interesting ways to avoid photographing medicine bottles.

I hope you, my occasional visitors, enjoy a few of them.
Lilly Stops at My Feet and Smiles While I Take a Wide Angle Shot of Our Yard.
Hibiscus (I think) Bloom, Framed by the Screened Enclosure Beams.

New Pretty Purple Flowers, Potted by Lovely Wife.
Hummingbird Banner Decoration, White Fence, and Blue Sky.