Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last Day In Louisiana

Today is our last full day here in Monroe.

We went down to LaSalle Parish yesterday, and put flowers on my family's graves. It was supposed to rain, but the afternoon turned out to be beautiful. It was a nice afternoon to go and pay our respects. I hadn't seen my Big Brother's headstone, so that was pretty wierd looking at that, seeing his name and the dates on it.

Anyway, today is just visiting family and eating as we psych up for our return trip tomorrow.

Here are a couple more scans that I have done while here. I have only color corrected them, I haven't had time to get rid of blemishes on the photos.

This first one was taken in the back yard of a house we rented when I was a kid. That's Big Brother, Big Sis, and me in the yard with our dog Snoopy. I didn't think there were any pictures of him, and seeing this really blessed me.

This one is a hoot, and Big Sis will probably throw us out of her house if she sees it before we leave of our own accord.

This portrait was taken when we lived in Vidalia, Louisiana in the early seventies. Big Sis was old enough to be ashamed to have a formal portrait taken with her siblings, right up in the front of the grocery store.

Yep, the photographer was set up right by the entrance door, so everyone walking in stared at the geeks getting their pictures taken in a grocery store.

Notice that us boys were all young and unaware enough to still smile when asked.

Big Sis looks pretty grim. Hee hee hee.


JR's Thumbprints said...

To me, blogging is all about posting those childhood photos. What better way to share a personal moment in time and recollect something special. Have a Happy New Year!

JAM said...

Thank you. It's hard to believe that this is 2007, but I know it is.

Looking at some of these photos is heartbreaking. This one with snoopy in it, was a real shocker. I had memories of him and his coloring, but had totally lost his face and the darker coloring around his head, in my mind. Seeing long gone loved ones in their younger days is getting tougher for me to do as I get older.

Thanks for stopping by.