Saturday, April 15, 2006

100 Things About Me

In 'as they came to me' Order...(Updated July 2008)

1 I'm a Christian.
2 I have now been married over half of my life.
3 I graduated from high school in 1980.
4 I earned an AA in Law Enforcement from Northeast Louisiana University (now Univ. of Louisiana at Monroe) in 1983.
5 I earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech in 1996.
6 I have a 2 year bible study diploma from Victory Bible Teaching Center, although that's just for me, and not an accredited degree.
7 I have two daughters, 19 and 22.
8 I have lived in Louisiana three times. (Monroe and Bossier City)
9 I have lived in Texas. (Bedford, Irving, and The Colony, all near Dallas)
10 I have lived in Georgia. (Powder Springs, NE of Atlanta)
11 I have lived in Florida twice. (Fort Walton Beach and Palm Bay)
12 I liked Georgia the best.
13 I (we) have 4 small poodles (Angel, Rosie, Lilly, and Spike).
14 I (we) have one cat (Sassy) who was a stray and still kinda wild.
15 My father has passed away (in 1994),
16 but my mother is still living in Louisiana.
17 I have an older sister in Louisiana,
18 and a younger brother in Louisiana,
19 but my older brother passed away in 2001.
20 I HATE talking on the telephone.
21 I have had four back surgeries, and one kidney stone.
22 I have ABSOLUTELY NO fear of any dog, regardless of size or ferocity, and I do not understand why.
23 One of my dreams is to cross America on a self-supported bicycle tour.
24 I play guitar, but I'm not that good.
25 I worked for Delta Airlines for a number of years,
26 and it breaks my heart to see Delta in danger of folding.
27 I don't like sweet tastes with my main meal. (Cranberry sauce, sweet and sour sauce, etc.)
28 My favorite foods are pizza with everything, including anchovies, and home grilled hamburgers.
29 I prefer writing by hand on paper to typing words on a computer.
30 I watch TV some, but could totally live without it.
31 I have never liked sitcoms. Not even Seinfeld, Friends, MASH, or Raymond.
32 I have never seen even one episode of The Simpsons.
33 I have never seen even one episode of Southpark.
34 My number one all-time favorite CD/album is 'Seeds of Love' by Tears For Fears from 1989;
35 but it actually might be in a tie with the 'By God' CD by the group Disciple.
36 My all-time favorite movie is Local Hero.
37 Since I had an older brother, I NEVER got to be Batman when I was a kid. I was always Robin.
38 I know what I believe about life, God, and politics; and I know WHY I believe what I do,
39 but I don't like to argue about life, God, or politics.
40 I will, however, answer with complete honesty and sincerity any question put to me about life, God, or politics.
41 I like being with people and talking for hours,
42 but I also love being by myself in silence for hours.
43 I've always wanted to live in a two story house, because as a kid I thought stairs were cool. (unfulfilled so far)
44 I would like to move back to Georgia some day.
45 I would like to go back to college for a Master's Degree, and I am working to start that effort in 2007.
46 The famous person I'd most like to have over for Bar-B-Q and talk with a while is Lance Armstrong.
47 I wear glasses all the time, but my eyesight isn't bad enough to be required for my driver's license.
48 I'm nearsighted in one eye, and farsighted in the other.
49 I grew up going to Baptist Churches,
50 but as an adult I've always gone to Charismatic Churches.
51 I realize now that I had a 'Leave It To Beaver' childhood. I had it good, and I have thanked both my parents for this.
52 One of my big regrets is that my Father sold something precious to him for me to go to the doctor as a child, and I always wanted to replace it, but he died before I could.
53 I like sunsets better than sunrises.
54 I have four electric guitars (ridiculous) and one acoustic guitar.
55 I have one electric bass.
56 I have played both guitar and bass at times for my church's services.
57 I have had tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for as long as I can remember, certainly since childhood.
58 I have only broken bones twice; once in the right wrist, and once in the left wrist.
59 I would like to write a fictional novel, and am confident I will some day. UPDATE: I wrote one whole novel for National Novel Writing Month in 2006 and about half of one for NANOWRIMO in 2007)
60 I used to be a serious amateur photographer, but now mostly just take snapshots for posterity. UPDATE: I've re-established my love of photography since starting this blog.
61 I embrace the digital revolution in music and photography.
62 I do not miss film or vinyl records. AT ALL.
63 I like to eat bananas when they are a little bit green and before they get spots.
64 My hair is so thick that every barber I've ever had remarked on it; they earn their money when they cut my hair.
65 My favorite color is blue.
66 I don't have a favorite number, none spark an emotion in me like colors or smells. I really dig prime numbers though.
67 The only sports I really like are pro cycling and college football. Well I usually watch the super bowl in the NFL, but I dislike basketball, NASCAR, and pretty much every other sport.
68 I can't speed read, but I can read a 500-600 page novel in one day. Or two smaller mysteries which tend to be about 300 pages.
69 My memory is such that I can reread books I like every few years and enjoy them again.
70 But I can still do most math I need for engineering work without having to look it up, but I generally do anyway to check accuracy because I'm getting paid for it.
71 I believe in the right to keep and bear arms, and if you break into my home one night, I'll prove it. I'll even let you pick which caliber I use.
72 Over the years I have bought newer versions of my favorite old Hotwheels die cast cars as they are re-issued.
73 My favorite Hotwheel is the Red Baron.
74 I have always LOVED riding bicycles.
75 I usually over-explain things. I stop when I see people's eyes roll back in their heads or if they start snoring.
76 I (we) have one fish. (A beta named Mr. Fish) UPDATE: R.I.P., Mr. Fish. We now have another beta named Mortimer
77 I do not like coffee in any form, hot, iced, coffee flavored candy, nothing.
78 I'm a very good cook, but I don't like cooking. I just like to eat a lot, so I cook.
79 I was born with platinum white hair, but was blond when young, that became light brown hair as an adult, but God is slowly turning my hair back to the original white.
80 I have light blue eyes.
81 I'm extremely right handed, that's why it has been slow going for me learning the guitar.
82 I sat through the full force of hurricanes Jeanne and Frances in 2004 with my family and critters.
83 I also have sat through the outer edges of other hurricanes.
84 I still have home damage yet to be repaired from the 2004 hurricanes. UPDATE: Repairs are all done.
85 I shave most days but have kept a bushy mustache all of my adult life.
86 I still have a strong enough southern accent that people pick on me about it.
87 I have a big vocabulary but I don't use it much when talking because I think $20 words sound stupid spoken in a $2 accent.
88 I have no tattoos or piercings.
89 I like the color pink even thought I'm a male.
90 I like bunches of multi-colored, twinkling lights on my Christmas tree.
91 I detest gangster movies. Detest, I say! (Godfather I, hated it. II and III, didn't bother. Goodfellas, nope.)
92 There have been very few people in my whole life that I couldn't get along with.
93 I'm not naturally a touchy, huggy type person, but I wish I hugged my family more that I do.
94 Other people's traits that bother me are almost always things I hate because I hate them in myself. (does that make sense?)
95 I love doing touristy stuff like stopping at scenic overlooks and to read historical markers.
96 Even as a kid in school I liked word problems best and never understood why people hated them. (still don't I guess)
97 I like any music with great guitar, especially heavy metal (rowdy) and smooth jazz guitar (relaxing).
98 I always read the manual first for any new purchase and always read and follow assembly instructions. It saves time and stress.
99 For pleasure I mostly read fictional adventure and mystery novels to escape for a while. Nonfiction is usually bible related, physics, travel stories, or on the craft of writing.
100 On more than one occasion in my life, I have run while holding a sharp object. I was not harmed.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Extremely right handed, that's funny.

aftergrace said...

#75 is my favorite, I get the same reaction from people

helpingsomeone said...

So... can you help me fine Ty Tabor's "Room for Me" (Safety) lyrics?

Anonymous said...

Love to read your blog!

Anonymous said...

yepper thats the jalden I know and love!! Trallen here!