Monday, March 19, 2007

That's How I Feel

I don't know about all of you out there, but in my life, just like seasons in the world, I go through various repeating phases.

For example, I go through periods where I'm not very creative. Not writer's block or anything like that, just that the ideas aren't flowing. I'm taking in more than I'm putting out.

Other times, I have little scraps of paper, usually post-it notes, filling my pockets with ideas for stuff to write. Only problem with having a blog is that the days just keep on rolling by. And eventually, all my little scraps of paper and notes turn into blog posts and I find myself like this morning, with nothing.

Work is kind of intense for me right now, and that drags on my creativity and desire to write, because my mind is always working on ways to get different things done at work.

It just hit me as I write this, that one thing that has worked for me in the past was to sit and brainstorm for ideas, which usually results in at least a few post ideas, but again, as I sit here this morning I don't have any cool memories or political rants that I want to write down.

When I get in this type of mood, I tend to think of these periods as ones wherein I just absorb. I'm having to learn new things all the time for work, and eventually I get so wrapped up in that, that my "background processor" which usually taps me on the shoulder with cool post ideas, is being used to wrestle with solutions for issues at work.

So I'm in one of those modes, and probably will be for a couple or few weeks where I have to take stuff in and not much comes out. Like stoking the furnace I guess.

I hope this makes sense. It's really an explanation of why I might just be posting photos for a few days, or even a week or two. If I can brainstorm a few ideas, I'll certainly write some posts, but until then, I'm just warning y'all that the stories and actual thought is going to be kinda thin here for a little while.

Do any of you understand and have this happen to you too? I go through cycles where I read everything I can get my hands on, and also periods where I don't read anything unless I have to for work, and that's usually a data sheet for a gate array, or a RAM chip, or a single board computer; not exactly things that spark the muse.

Then I'll go through periods where I work the local librarians hard, because I'm blasting through books faster than they can check 'em in and out for me.

Heck, I even told a friend that I would read his unpublished novel a couple of months ago, and I still haven't finished that, nor writing up my thoughts on it.

I went to the library last Thursday to pay a small fine and to see if anything there looked interesting enough to check out, and saw that I hadn't read any library books since October of 2006. That's the longest I've gone without library books in recent memory.

I'm going to try to put some thoughtful posts on here, but if you come back day after day, be warned that you might be getting photos for a while.

I'm just in a mood right now, with not much being produced, at least as far as writing is concerned. Plus, I want to finish Nate's book and get back to him on that, I'm embarrassed that I've taken this long to help a friend.

That's my stab at an explanation. I hope yoose guys understand.

But hey, enjoy the pictures! And I'll try to surprise you with written posts as much as I can, OK?

Here's a couple of photos to get things started.

Someone had this flying on their sailboat at a local marina.

I'm feeling kinda like this old trap this morning, rusty and crusty.

Yesterday, I posted a photo of me laying on the couch, with Angel and Rosie sitting on me. This is a photo of Spike, the black poodle in the front, and Lilly, our other two spoiled rotten dogs.


Hammer said...

I know what you mean. when I don't have anything in particular to say,
I post pictures, recipes or dig up an old post.

You've got some great photos keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

I saw your profile pic on "Jr's Thumbprints" and wanted to come over and say, I love, love, love Gossamar!!!! What a great profile pic to use. "He's not evil, just misunderstood" :)

take Care!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I'm never short on ideas, and I use them in my short stories. Unfortunately, most editors see things differently, and my ideas become blog fodder (or vice versa).

Jackie said...

What else could you do with such beautiful dogs but spoil them rotten :)

I have this habit of writing bits and pieces to put on my blog and never using them and wonder why I battle to think of something new to write about.

Travis said...

Everyone needs a blog break once in awhile. No worries.

JAM said...

Hammer, thanks.

Proxima, yeah, I figured a real photo of me would scare away any potential readers, so when I started this thing last year, I decided to have a stand in. Gossamer is a life-long favorite of mine. Plus, I'm sure he lives SUCH an interesting life.

Jr, I have ideas for characters and such aplenty, it's just that I wanted to create posts here as a way to write and archive some of the things that have happened to me, or that I've experienced. That's harder than trying fiction. I don't have the guts yet to put any of my fiction on here, so photos and my life stories must suffice. I like your site and your real and imagined stories very much. Maybe one day I'll throw some fiction on here, but the thought of it is like having to give my first ever speech in speech class.

Jackie, I've written any number of posts that on second thought, I decided not to publish. Most of those are political rants. I always feel dirty after writing them, so I hold them back.

Travis, I'll still blog and try to write stuff, but I'm not fast at it, whereas putting up photos is simple, plus, I like putting some of my stuff out there for the masses. I see so many great photographer's work on blogs and the internet as a whole. I have no illusions that I'm great, but I enjoy it, and like a lot of what I've done. Many are bette than me, but I still like my own work too. Maybe I'll have the guts to put up some of my fiction sometime. We'll see. I'll still be around though, even if I've hit a dry patch.