Friday, March 16, 2007

Flyin' Blind


Here I sit. At the keyboard. And I've got nothin'.

I'm usually good at coming up with an idea or rough draft which I then rewrite or touch up the morning I post, but today? Nada.

This is my every-other-Friday-off Friday and I slept late (9:45). I was sleeping so hard that when I would be slightly awakened by the fambly getting ready and leaving for their days, that I would just go right back to sleep and start dreaming again.

When I sleep and dream several memorable dreams, I know I was sleeping hard.

Sitting here at the computer, and looking out the window, I can tell it's a bright, sunny, windy day here in God's Waiting Room. Lovely Wife called about something, and also informed me we have a front moving southward toward us from the Daytona area, and that we're supposed to get thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms in Florida are quite amazing. We had some doozies in Louisiana when I was growing up, heck it rains A LOT in Louisiana, and the storms in Texas (Dallas) could be quite impressive, but the sheer number of lightning strikes in a Florida thunderstorm will simply astound you.

So, we desperately need the rain, but I'm not really looking forward to bad storms. Hope we get the diluted/weakened ones.

Speaking of lightning reminded me of something at work.

As an engineer, we sometimes have to go outside or up on the roof of one of the many, many buildings our company "campus" has, to set up and test some of the things we design and build.

The first time I went on top of one of our buildings for this, I almost had a panic attack. They have an elaborate system of foot-tall lightning rods and metal cables to take the lightning strike to the ground, on the tops of all our buildings.

These interconnected and grounded lightning rods are all sharp-pointed, one inch diameter, SPIKES, pointed at the sky.

Let me tell you, it's freaky to walk around up there. I kept imagining tripping and falling over on one of the spikes.

After a while I got used to it, and they are layed out in lines so you can easily walk a path out of harms way, but still, it's one of those places where it isn't too great to have a really active imagination.

Plus, when the Space Shuttle would go up, if we were in a building where the roof was accessible, we'd go up there to watch because it gave us a great view of it rising, although far away. (I work about 30 or 40 miles south of Kennedy Space Center.)

Over time everyone got used to it, but I always look at those spikes with respect. As Sainted Mother would warn: "Mind your P's and Q's around them spikes!"

I think I'll try to redeem this otherwise hideously boring post by throwing in a couple of photos I like. Hopefully these are ones I haven't posted before, but I don't feel like trying to look back through a year's worth of posts to find out. So, enjoy them again if that's the case.

Some Florida critters.


Hammer said...

I don't think I could work around those spikes, I get vertigo too easily.

JAM said...

I got used to it, we weren't up there too terrible much. It was creepy though.

I've always held that in the back of my mind to use in a story. That will be the death of someone, someday, if only in my writings.