Thursday, July 21, 2016

How I See Things

My problem, is that I usually DON'T see things.

I'm one of those people that can travel the same path to and from, say, work, every day but then cannot tell you what businesses are along this well-traveled path.

I don't know if that's good, because I'm concentrating on driving, or bad, because I'm not aware of my surroundings as much as I should be.

But when I have my camera, I suddenly see everything.

This orange sunset in the windows of this boat caught my peripheral vision on Wednesday evening.

Had I not had my camera and was instead walking to meet a friend, I would have never bothered to stop and look over there, much less stop and walk back and forth like I did to get the best shot.

"Zoom with your feet" is good advice, even if you have a zoom lens on your camera. 

Sometimes the perspective change from using your feet instead of that zoom (if you can, but not advisable at the edge of a cliff) makes a lot of difference.

Nikon D750, Nikkor 28-300mm lens at 190mm, f/8 ,  1/80sec., ISO 800

Sunday, July 10, 2016

While Two Black Men Die At The Hands Of Police Every Week (on average)...

   Using FBI Supplementary Homicide Reports and CDC statistics,  between January 1, 2009 and
December 31, 2012, there were an average of 4,472 black men killed by black men in America each of those years.

   Dr. Richard Johnson, criminologist at the University of Toledo, studied the details in these statistics from the FBI and the Centers for Disease Control, and calculated that the average number of black men killed in both justified and unjustified police shootings to be 112 during each of those same four years.

   So, 2.5% of the yearly average of 4,472 black men killed by each other or cops, were death by cop. Again, FBI and CDC statistics.

   We're having internet rage, riots and police shootings over that 2.5% of black men's deaths, while ignoring the 97.5% of yearly black men's deaths that are within their own communities.

   Not much on the news about the 97.5% of black deaths due to minority on minority violence, except the regular reports of how many black men's deaths there are every week in Chicago.  The people in Chicago are killing each other at such an alarming rate, many of which are with guns in this city with a huge number of restrictive gun laws.  Go figure.

   And speaking of deaths that aren't making the news...

   According to the Centers for Disease Control, 12.8% of the United States population is black, yet OVER 35% of the yearly abortions in America are black babies.  During that time period, abortion deaths of Hispanic babies was 21%, while other minorities made up 7% more of the total abortion number.  At LEAST 63% of abortions yearly are brown skinned babies and some other minorities.

   Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a believer in the "science" of eugenics, which she preached with a missionary fervor.

   A foundational thesis of the founding of Planned Parenthood, and that Margaret Sanger taught to anyone who would listen, was that "undesirables" should not BE ALLOWED to reproduce.  Black people were very much at the top of Ms. Sanger's list of folks she didn't want reproducing in the world, and specifically America. 

   Planned Parenthood is still the largest abortion provider in America today, by far.

   So, with the CDC yearly abortion number percentages above, it's brutally clear that Planned Parenthood still kills babies of minority mothers in numbers that would please Ms. Sanger and her eugenics believing pals of the early/mid 20th century.

   Adolf Hitler used the "science" of eugenics as a basis for his attempted extermination of Jews, the diseased, the handicapped, mentally unstable, gypsies, etc. in the 1930s and 1940s.

   In short, the numbers of minorities killed by police pales in comparison to the numbers of minorities killed by other minorities, and THAT number pales in comparison to the numbers of black and Hispanic babies killed by legal abortions in America each and every year.

   Police shootings of black men are being used as excuses for riots and the murder of on duty police officers, while the elephants in the room, the many thousands of minority on minority deaths, and the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of minority babies dying in abortions each year are pretty much ignored.

   When the media report, and the people of America get at each others' throats about the 2 deaths of black men by cops average weekly rate, I mentally think, "Why isn't anyone freaking  out about the 4,350 black babies that were aborted the same week those two black men were killed by police, and 4,350 black babies aborted the next week, and 4,350 black babies aborted the next week..."
   That my friends, is legal genocide.
   It's kinda hard to ask for God's mercy and blessing on America when that many innocent deaths happen day after day, year after year.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gibson Four Conductor, Quick Connect Wiring Differences

A Public Service Announcement

Gibson neck and bridge four conductor humbuckers, wired traditionally, with solder, and to be used only as humbuckers without any phase switching or coil cutting, has long had the same wiring color scheme as one another.

When Gibson began to use printed circuit boards (PCBs) in many guitars like the Les Paul and the SG, at least since 2011 or so, there's a confusing difference in the bridge pickup's coils magnetic polarity and in the wiring color scheme WHEN WANTING TO WIRE IN OUT OF PHASE SWITCHING AND COIL SPITTING.

I have evaluated several different four conductor quick connect pairs of Gibson humbucker pickups and found the same wiring changes in all the bridge pickups.

I created the following picture and am posting it here in case others out there take a four conductor Gibson humbucker from the quick connect era and want to cut off the connector and wire it in WITH either an out of phase switching scheme and/or wiring in switches for coil splitting.

The several sets of four conductor quick connect neck/bridge pairs of Gibson humbucker pickups I've had all had these exact details, and I checked each set several times to be sure of what I was seeing.

 I am including my email address too in case someone sees a problem in my drawing.  I welcome corrections.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, Thursday November 26, 2015

I have to say that, in a lot of ways, life has been kinda rough this year.

But every single time I even think about feeling sorry for myself, something or someone comes along in my life to remind me just how good I have it.

If nothing else, I have lived 53 years, even if I didn't always make the most of every day.

My older brother Paul died in 2001 at age 41.

I have lived twelve years more than he got to.

Thank you God, for all of your many blessings in my life.

Thank you God, for my life, my wife, daughters, sister-in-law, and son-in-law, and all the others I've been blessed to call family and friends, but who have moved on from this life.

God please bless America, though we're more wicked than ever and might not deserve your blessing. 

I know for sure we didn't deserve Jesus, and you sent him and he came willingly, and the Holy Spirit bore Him up and now guides us here while we wait for Jesus' return.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless whomever might read this, whenever you read this.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


"...Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people's money. It's quite a characteristic of them. They then start to nationalise everything, and people just do not like more and more nationalisation..."  -- Margaret Thatcher

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Something Completely Different from the Paris Terrorist Attacks

The last few days, with the islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, I've read and digested as much as I can.

Then President Obama speaks and all that I though I had digested curdles and makes me want to puke.

President Obama is the weakest, wimpiest President, well, certainly in my 53 years here.

So, instead of continuing to whine about the non-existent leadership from "the leader of the free world," I will post a pretty picture.

Posting a pretty picture for people to look at is at least as effective as President Obama's non-response to islamic terrorism in this world.

Photo taken at Melbourne Harbor Marina, Melbourne, Fla., on November 10, 6:49am.

Nikon D750, Nikkor 28-300mm lens at 190mm, f/32 ,  1/20sec., ISO 100

Sunday, February 08, 2015

People Photography

People photography is not my specialty.

I am not a confrontational person, and when you're as big as I am, when I try to get close with my camera to people, their reaction kills whatever potential photo I saw.
Nikon D90, 18-300mm lens at 48mm, f/11, 1/160sec, ISO 200

You have to be a good people person and have a lot of personal charm to get good people photos, like a great street photographer does.

Saturday, I hobbled around downtown Melbourne for a little while, the afternoon light was glorious (as was the whole day).

At one point, I could see amazing light on the west-facing buildings of a side street. so I followed the light.

When I wander with my camera, I just look for interesting light around me and walk over there, good photographs invariably present themselves.

On the other side of the small street, where the light was great, a tattoo artist came out of his shop and sat down for a smoke.

Nikon D90, 18-300mm lens at 95mm, f/11, 1/160sec, ISO 200
He looked up at me and I pointed at my camera and asked if he minded if I took a photo or two of him and his shop.

He asked what the photos were for (people often ask if I work for the newspaper), and I said they're just for me.  I told him I'd lived here for eighteen years and I had realized that if I moved away I wouldn't have photos that represent this area as I saw it.  That I was trying to now take photos that would more completely show how I see the area where I live.

He said he didn't mind and set about doing stuff on his smart phone.

I took these photos.  

Thanks to Matt at Low Tide Tattoos!
Nikon D90, 18-300mm lens at 34mm, f8, 1/160sec, ISO 200

Nikon D90, 18-300mm lens at 48mm, f/11, 1/160sec, ISO 200
Nikon D90, 18-300mm lens at 95mm, f/11, 1/160sec, ISO 200