Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday's Pics

The are all scans of negatives from a few years ago.

Taken at the entrance to a beach access at the Sebastian Inlet, the closest major access to the Atlantic Ocean from where I live.

I call this guy Little Rammy. He's one of the dog's toys that got left outside one day.

Some of Lovely Wife's plumbagos.

I liked all the textures in this one, and the contrasts made it look better in black and white, but ultimately I'm not to jazzed about it. A burned palm tree stump. Wooopee.

Some purple and yellow flowers on the dunes.


Hammer said...

Great stuff as usual. Do nice digital cameras have a Black and white feature or is it done with software?

JAM said...

All of today's pics were scanned from 35mm print film negatives. The black and white one was done on the computer, the original is color.

Most digital cameras without interchangeable lenses, consumer point and shoot cameras, usually have a black and white setting so that you can take the photos in B&W. Digital slrs like my Nikon, don't.

I would actually love to have a digital B & W only camera of good quality. As things are now, there are filters on the digital sensors of ALL digital cameras that wouldn't have to be there on a B & W only camera. It's just a pie-in-th-sky wish or mine, but maybe someday they'll have one. It could be engineered to maximize the quality of the B & W photo, and I think that would be a great thing to have, but it would be a really niche product, so it will probably never happen.

I tend to "see" certain photos as B & W when I take them. Really contrasty, shadowy, or whatever scenes and people shots make the conversion to B & W realy well. Plus, it's fun to create various versions of photos with the software, I use Photoshop Elements, for kicks. It's like having a color darkroom without the expense and the mess.

Sparky Duck said...

wow, those are great for negatives!