Saturday, September 02, 2006

Please Give Me A Sign!

A few weeks ago I posted just a few of the many sign photos I have taken.

In the interest of freeing up time to go to the hospital, I'm just gonna post some more sign photos. They are interesting to me, especially as more and more behavior gets restricted by local laws.

This first one caugh my eye, but the guy was actually parked in the right place, it's just that grass has grown up in the parking area. But it makes some boaters look as if they have transgressed.

These folks, who live next to Ballard Park, are serious about keeping us riff-raff off of their property ('PRAH-pity' in Louisiana). Note the doubling of the fence and the tangle of bushes they have let grow at the edge of the water.

As you get close to the beach at one park. This sign is placed perfect for newborns through 4-years old to read (but they can't), and is placed perfectly to cause anyone old enough to read to miss it completely (they're too tall and walk right past it).

I guess it wouldn't be prudent to lay down on that nicely kept, green park grass for a picnic and a nap would it?

At least they supply baggies in case you forget your's.

Another unmarred vista of the beautiful waterway.

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