Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

13 Things I Have Great Childhood Memories About Owning (Toys, Bikes, and whatnot)

1. Bicycle. Hands down, my favorite thing. First one was a red Western-Auto bike, then I got a green, metal-flake Sears Gremlin with banana seat, high-rise handlebars, and tiny front tire. I had others, but those are the childhood ones that let me roam away from home for the first time.

2. Cookie, Cricket, Snoopy, and Sara. Our dogs we had when I was young. Seeing pics of them now hurts just as bad as pics of loved ones who have passed away. Heck, they ARE loved ones who have passed away.

3. Beanie. A little boy doll with a beanie cap and propeller. Of course the propeller broke off, but Beanie was a good friend. I think it was actually Beany(ie?) Boy, a 60's cartoon character the doll was modeled from.

4. My Big Josh doll action figure. I had the camper and all kinds of stuff. Like a muscled up Ken, with a beard, and with his own line of accessories. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I wrote a post about it called "Only Girls Play With Dolls."

5. My own stereo. I inherited it from my brother when he moved out and got better stuff, but I spent many, many hours lost in music.

6. Building models. The Revell plastic models, mostly of cars, but of the occasional fighter plane as well. My all-time favorite was a huge model of Don Garlits's first rear engine top fuel dragster. It had soft rubber slicks and everything.

7. Hotwheels. My older brother and I got Hotwheels and each got a different track, the first year they came out. 1968. It was a very good year. Several years ago, on one anniversary of their introduction, I re-bought some of the originals I once had, that had been reissued.

8. Marx Electo-Shot Shooting Gallery. A fully contained personal sized shooting gallery/mounted gun that shot chrome pellets that rolled back down and into the gun like a pinball machine. I went through D batteries like Grant went through Richmond. I remember anticipating this toy, and it totally lived up to the hype in my head.

9. Big Bruiser. A battery powered tow truck I received the Christmas I was 4. It's one of the first toys I can remember playing with a lot. Not just mental snapshots, but actually playing with it. It came with a 'broken' car for it to tow.

10. My John Brodie football I received on my 13th birthday. My friends Glenn and Wes and I spent many hours running up and down our street throwing that football. It finally had the ends worn through and punctured the bladder. But that football lasted for years, and a lot of good times with my friends. I even re-laced it a couple of times myself with shoestring, and did a good job of it too. We used Wes's or Glenn's footballs when we played on grass.

11. Marbles. I loved playing marbles as a kid, and was pretty good. Except, Lisa Jeffries fairly consistently beat me. (And we played 'for keeps.')

12. A desk. I know that sounds lame, but in high school, I finally got my own room and Sainted Mother and Don C. bought me a small desk. That's where I did all of my homework, wrote, and built models.

13. Skateboard. The first one I had was a steel wheeled one I bought from my friend Wes. $5, if memory serves. Then I saved and bought a decent one from Service Merchandise. I never got good enough to ride ramps and stuff, but I put many miles on that thing and did learn some freestyle tricks.

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Mike Y said...

I can still remember the old banana seat. Boy I hated them and couldn't wait for a BMX bike. Unfortunately, my folks didn't grasp the concept of what was cool and what wasn't. So... I bartered and ended up with an ANA BMX frame, and soon I had an anodized freewheel set, breaks etc. The only thing I lacked was a fork and my dad gave in and bought me an Ashtabula fork and tires to complete my ride. I've pretty much built every bike I've ever owned, including all my newer ones, 25 years later.

I'm not familiar with Big Josh, but I did have a GI Joe action figure. LOL!

So many other things on your list bring back nice memories too. For me, I'll never forget my Erector Set or my Chemistry kits. I loved science and couldn't get enough.

Dane Bramage said...

I had a Major Matt Mason doll... er... action figure. I was all about space.

Thanks for stopping by My T13 Daydream Edition! And we can score some titanium cluebats and go moonbat bashing even without me getting into the Senate. :-)

N. Mallory said...

I totally remember the Josh action figure and camper and I really wanted it, but my parents wouldn't get it for me because of course I had Ken and the pink Barbie camper. But Josh was way more manly-looking imho.

And when I went to stay the summer at my grandparents' house, I used to get to play with my uncle's old G.I. Joe action figure doll -- the one that was Barbie's size and had the moveable joints. Also way more manly than Ken.


No wonder all of those little girls drool over boy bands. Brain washing via Ken dolls.

Heather Smith said...

Great list! My favorite toy from childhood was my puffalump Wild. He was an elephant dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, though the shirt eventually got lost. I just gave this to my niece a few weeks back. She loved it just as much as I did! Ahhh, good times!

Jenny Ryan said...

Oh, I remember Hot Wheels-my brother had tons of those!

Thanks for visiting me this week :)

Jennifer said...

Your blog is great. There are so many things from childhood to remember. I enjoyed reading yours.

Thanks for the tip on posting comments. It will help so much!