Saturday, September 09, 2006

Number Two Daughter Turns 18!

As if the passage of time hasn't already made it's crazily rapid pace known to me in very hard ways, Number Two Daughter turns 18 today. Our 'baby' is old enough to vote!

Happy birthday Rachel. I love you!

Now for a photo excursion down memory lane (with Don Pardo's voice)...

This is Number One Daughter holding NTD when she was only one or two days old and still in the hospital.

This is her on her fourth birthday in 1992.

Here she is at 6 (almost 7 really), on a trip to Panama City Beach in 1995

Here's the last school picture we have of her. Most folks try to dye their hair blonde, she's just the opposite. Like she says, she'll stop wearing black when they create a darker color.

Our widduw baby, all gwone up (tweeks cheek).

Attention Palm Bay, Florida drivers! She has her driver's license now. You have been warned.

Seacrest Out.

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Anomaly said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

'Local Drivers, you have been warned' - my parents kept saying that when I got my license, so my sympathies.

*baps Jam's knuckles with foam bat*

Naughty Dad! Naughty!

Anomaly (post-ninth major assignment due in two days and subsequent day-long nap)