Monday, September 25, 2006

Kiefer Sutherland Hits The Big Time

I have always thought that Donald Sutherland, Kiefer's Dad, was one of the best actors working. And he's been around a long time, but like Sean Connery, Donald just gets better as he gets older.

When I was younger, I loved Donald Sutherland in the movies Bear Island, and in The Eye Of The Needle.

He is instantly recognizable, and even Donald's voice overs on documentaries and such are cool, as his voice is easily recognizable.

And I've liked Kiefer a long time too, especially in The Vanishing, but I have to admit that I am one of the few people in America that has never watched 24. I really don't watch a whole lot of TV, and it seems to be such an intricate show, that, since I haven't seen even one episode, I don't feel like trying to play catch up.

And I always wondered what it must be like for Kiefer to be in the shadow of such a great actor as his Father is.

Well, I think that after the success of 24, ol' Kiefer is finally a star in his own right.

Because a couple of weeks ago, Number One Daughter and I were talking, and she referred to Donald Sutherland as "that Dude on 24's Father."

Yep. Ol' Kiefer has officially hit the Big Time.

After years of struggling for acclaim and being called only "Donald Sutherland's son," the tide has turned, and Donald is now "that Dude on 24's Father."

I wonder if Donald and Kiefer are having problems because of this change in their lives, or if they are still close as Father and Son.

As for me, I hope they're close. Because their situation is really kinda cool.

I just felt like throwing in a couple more cloud pictures. Ones that I decided not to add yesterday, but that I like nevertheless.

Both are a couple of my shameless shots from Number Two Daughter's hospital room a few weeks ago.


faustina said...

These are beautiful, just like all of the ones in the post before. I love clouds, they are always so interesting to me.

JAM said...

Thank you. The dramatic clouds in Florida are as close as we come to being able to see mountains. They kinda fill that void in me when they get dramatic/huge/multi-layerd.

Wingnut said...

You are hillarious, isn't it great seeing the world through a childs eyes? What ever did we do with out them? and your photos are great too! :)

Emily said...

Oh wow, these have got to be some of my favs... but I think I've lost count of those! Have you ever considered submitting any of your stuff to like, a publication or anything? I think your pics would be a hit.

JAM said...

Wingnut. True, but my child I quoted here is 20. But she still says cute stuff.

Emily. I wouldn't know where to begin such a quest. I look at other's photos and find my own wanting. Check out here: And when you get there, any that you want to see larger, click on it. Then, keep hitting the 'next' button for the next page of photos. I think you'll be astounded, and also start to understand my statement about my own work. Be warned though, there is an occasional nude photo in the mix.