Friday, September 08, 2006


My Father in Law, Keith Morgan, passed away ten years ago today. He was a very good man, and he is still missed greatly. I am honored and so very blessed to have had him as a friend and example in my own life. I feel as if I had two wonderful fathers, when so many never even have one.

For some reason, when she was a very small child, Number One Daughter started calling him Poppy. The name stuck and that's how he was referred to by all of us from that time on.

Keith Arley Morgan
April 5, 1931 - September 8, 1996

This is him in 1957, on his honeymoon in Panama City Beach, Florida.

This is a portrait of him in his 40's.

This is him and Number Two Daughter in around 1990.


Marsha (Big Sis) said...

OK John, this is so weird that you posted about Keith today. I had Chinese for lunch and had some Egg Foo Young. I always think of him when I eat this because I remember having it for the first time at their house. He was truly the sweetest man!

faustina said...

I really like the photo of him on the beach, it looks so right for that time period. It's great to remember those people who meant so much to us.