Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday Visuals (Bonus Photos #2)

How about some pictures after yesterday's rant?

I'm getting to the point where, I can't be sure if the pics I'm putting on here are ones I've already put on here before. I skimmed back over my posts to make sure, but it's still possible I missed one.

Anyhoo, enjoy.

This is a spiffy looking clock commemorating something or other and some big trees at Sebastian Riverside Park in Sebastian, Florida. It was a beautiful day for exploring.

Some little wind driven whirlygigs in one of Lovely Wife's flower pots.

These flowers kinda freaked me out when I first saw them. I took the photo then tried to look them up. I haven't seen any quite like them, the closest I saw were called spider orchids. The highlights blew out on this photo, so you can't see great detail in the flowers. But if you know what these guys are called, let me know.

Just a sign and a locked gate, but I like it. I was trying to go to Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, but alas, it was obviously not to be.

I was standing under a train bridge that crosses Crane Creek in Melbourne, Florida. I liked the repeating pattern of the support beams moving away from the camera.

There ya go! Have a good hump day.


Wingnut said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, great stuff here! I will check back often, and oh, I think I can help with your flower...... Looks like a spider lily check it out here....
happy shooting! ~Cyndie

Wingnut said...

Now I am looking closer at your photo and it's not exactly the same, maybe a similar subspecies, either way, they are gorgeous!

JAM said...

Spider Lily is the closest thing I could find, too.

I had never seen anything like this before and was walking a trail and looked to my left and I jumped. It looked like a bizarre creature just a few feet away.

I haven't been back there lately and this is the only shot I took, trusting the matrix metering and it blew out the highlights. I had the same thing happen with some bird pictures that same day. It was a new camera and I was trusting the meter on matrix instead of switching to spot.

But I'm more careful now that I've learned the camera better. And the RAW images allow me to further change the exposure on things like this, if need be.

The contrast is just too great when using a digital sensor as opposed to film.

Thanks for stopping by and trying to help me identify this thing. I'm woefully ignorant of what odd plants and animals are called.