Sunday, June 25, 2006

Picture Post, Sunday June25, 2006

Awww. This was taken probably in early 1963. That's me being held by Big Sis, and that's my Big Brother (Paul) on the left. I was scanning my family's old slides and this was one of the better ones of us yunguns. Younger Brother didn't come along until 1970. He's still young and has potential.

I'm including this one for humor. It just cracks me up. Me at about four, with Big Brother at about seven and Big Sis at about nine or ten. Dig those haloween masks.

Just for comparison, here's another one from around the same year. Sans masks. I loved my footy pajamas.

This next one, I had to crop the heck out of it. This is my paternal grandmother, known to us as Mamaw Eunice, me, and my cousin Caren as kids. If you notice in the previous two photos, the photographer (probably my Mom) tended to put the subject(s) in the lower left corner of the image. This was the worst of the lot in that respect, so I cropped it. I've got too much to do just scanning right now to worry about the ideal crop on most of these pics, but this one cried out for it.

These last two are a TOTAL change of pace. They are a couple of photos of the outside of our home after hurricanes passed through. This first one, this 40-50 ft palm tree broke perfectly and just layed over on our roof without damaging it.

This next photo is from the side of our home. We had a ginormous mango tree that got pretty much gutted. We had a guy out who said he could trim and save what was left, but before he could, another hurricane came through and finished it off. Mango trees have very brittle branches and two direct hits by hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in 2004 destroyed ours. It put out so many mangos every year we would eat them, freeze ones we had cut up and make cobbler with them all year, and I would take them to work to give away. We miss this tree. It was beautiful AND produced wonderful fruit.

Have a great day!

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