Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day Booty

No. Not boody, or boo-TAY, or any referrence to hind quarters.

Lovely wife let me order a new camera. A digital single lens reflex. It's on the way. Nikon D70s with an 18-70mm lens, and a 55-200mm lens. 2GB memory card and other items as needed.

I wrote a post a while back in which I pined away for a new Nikon D200. The only problem with that is the price. The D200 is $1700 for the body alone. Everything I ordered, new camera body with lenses, flash, memory card, camera case, etc., cost less than the D200 body.

So I'm quite excited. It's still expensive enough to make me feel guilty for a few days, but I would have never been able to justify buying the D200 and all the items I got with the one I did order. So, I can waller (how you say wallow in a southern drawl) in my guilt for a few days, and then I'll be over it because, Hey!, my new camera will be here!

Thanks Babe! Love Ya.

Number Two Daughter bought me a Tears For Fears DVD called 'Scenes From The Big Chair', a documentary from the 1980's about Tears For Fears and the making of the classic album 'Songs From The Big Chair'. This Cd is one of my all-time, top 10 favorites. I had the lp originally, and have worn out cassettes of it too. This will have a place of prominence next to my DVD of Tears For Fears videos that were originally on the VHS tape 'Tears Roll Down: The Hits' that I got for Christmas. I love, love, love Tears For Fears. It's by far my favorite 'secular' band. I almost always get Christian music, but these guys just touch me deeply somehow.

I have never seen this documentary. I am stoked. I watched the beginning of it last night and I can't wait to finish it.

Number One Daughter bought me the new Stavesacre Cd 'How To Live With A Curse'. If you like rock. If you have never heard of Stavesacre, you are missing a treat. It is a Christian band, but if you aren't a Christian, don't be turned off. Go out to the Stavesacre website and check 'em out.

There are some things in life worth waiting for. A new Stavesacre Cd with all new material is always one of them. They don't tour much, and they only put out new Cds every two or three years, but boy they do 'em up right when they do put one out. This one is no exception. The singer and principle songwriter, Mark Salomon is my favorite rock singer. He's distinctive like Chris Cornell and there is no one out there I've ever heard that sounds like him. He's truly unique sounding and a GREAT songwriter. Deep and moving Christian music.

And massive crunchy guitars. Imagine Robert Duval's voice as in Apocalypse Now: "I love the sound of a Les Paul through a Marshall in the Morning."

Thanks kids. I love you guys with all my heart.

I'm happy, and you have change back from your $2,000 bill.

What a deal. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, knowwhatImean?)

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