Monday, June 05, 2006

Advantages Of Working With Other Dweebs

Or, how I bought Lovely Wife a nice used laptop.

One thing about engineers, folks, they LOVE buying newer and faster computers.

Many of the people I work with, buy a newer, faster computer every year. Many of them are like people I've known over the years who get a new car every year or two years. But, in their defense, computers are WAY cheaper than cars.

And face it, unless you are doing some really serious graphics intensive work on a computer, the average computer today is plenty fast enough. Our home computer is two years old, but still fast enough for the things we use it for.

I have a friend here, who travels for the company, and is needing a physically smaller laptop computer. So he's selling the year-old one he is presently using. He does not own a desktop computer, so this is a laptop with desktop computer power, RAM, and hard drive. Even has a DVD writer. It is kinda heavy.

This type of thing is always for sale on the company's internal web site classifieds. But this deal is a bonus, because I just feel better getting something like this from a person that I know.

Lovely Wife works part time as our church's secretary, and our church is small and can't afford to buy a newer computer at this time. The one she is using now is S-L-O-W.

This is a good chance to bless her with a nice laptop, something she wanted anyway, and she gets a one year old one that would cost roughly $1200 to buy new with this one's attributes. AND I get it for half that amount. A genuine copy of Windows XP. And over a year left on the transferrable warranty. This laptop is faster than our home's desktop.

What a deal. What a blessing.

Lovely wife and I make a good team. She likes to use computers, and I actually like to do upkeep, upgrades, keeping them virus free, keeping them in top running order.

I can barely change oil in a car, but I can keep a computer humming.

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