Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nuts In The Walnut Tree

Ralph Horowitz buys a parcel of Los Angeles land for development.

The city of L.A. forces Mr. Horowitz to sell the land to the city under the imminent domain laws. Ok. Happens all the time. L.A. wants to put an incinerator there.

Flash forward twenty years. Mr. Horowitz is allowed to buy back his land (after suing) from L.A. because, hey, "ain't gonna build no incinerator in MY neighborhood"! L.A. is stymied on the incinerator thing.

Oh, yeah. During this twenty years illegal aliens use this parcel of land for personal farms.

They now demand and EXPECT to always have this land. Plain old fashioned squatting. Like in the westerns I read when I was younger.

Mr. Horowitz is cast as an evil man by the local media and the Hollywood types such as Darryl Hanna, Joan Baez, and that guy from the Titanic movie. (I have the darndest time remembering that boy's name)

I'm thinkin', can't all these actors and musicians come up with the money Mr. Horowitz is asking? Yeah, sixteen million U.S. dollars is a lot of money, but Titanic boy's yearly toilet paper supply is probably more than that. So, can't these people put their money where their mouths are?

I guess not.

An eleventh hour offer was rejected by Mr. Horowitz, on the principle that he has been raked over the coals and called every evil thing in the English and Spanish languages.

I don't blame him.

The political leftists in the U.S. have been carefully creating a culture of class envy over the past few decades. Their hypocrisy was in full force on this issue.

Good luck Mr. Horowitz.

Current Score: R. Horowitz 1, Liberal Elite 0.

(Leonardo DiCaprio. I had to Google the movie Titanic to get his name.)

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