Friday, June 23, 2006

Guess What?

Your gonna be gettin' pictures here for the next few days.

Got my new Nikon Digital slr, a D70s, on Wednesday. Took a few shots in the house last night, but today we went out after work (and a short nap) to see the sunset.

It was world class.

Now these photos are pretty much just jpegs from the camera. The only things I have done is down size them, and in the case of the dogs, got rid of red, yellow, or green eyes. The rest are pretty much as we observed them.

Here are our four poodles, from left, Rosie, Lilly, Spike, and Angel. They were being baited with pizza toppings.

Here is our pool and you can see the new screening and the white fence we had put up after hurricanes Jeanne and Frances. We still need to get wonna dem pressure washer doober-flitcheys to blast the poolside concrete.

How 'bout some of Lovely Wife's flowers in one corner of the back yard? I forget what these are called. She tells me and I forget immediately. I would suck as a horticulturalist (is that a word?). Ah, yes Mr. M., what exactly are THESE flowers? Me: Uh. Hmm. Not sure, but they're definitely blue. Wait, let me call my wife. Only one I can remember is Alamanda, but I know those are yellow.

And now the sunset. This is the basic view from the bench we sat on.

Remember the 'Where's Waldo' books? See if you can find the crane in this photo.

Woo-EEE! Y'all are good! No more quizzes, ok? How about my favorite of the day?

It was warm and breezy and we just sat. And walked. And talked. And drove slowly, lookin' at the rich folk's houses.

All in all a swell evening with great company.

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Goofy Girl said...

The poodles are adorable!! Woof!!