Friday, June 30, 2006

Massachusetts Is Going TOO Far

First their state Legislature legalized homosexual marriage.

But this time, well, they are proving that they are just plain evil.

Here's a news article explaining it way better than I can.

I'm just so mad I could spit.

The news link won't last forever so I'll print part of it for you:
"Fluff" Flies In School Lunch Debate
By Scott Malone
Thu Jun 22, 6:41 AM ET

BOSTON (Reuters) - When it comes to food, Boston is best known for baked beans and clam chowder. But this week, state legislators have engaged in robust debate on Marshmallow Fluff -- a locally made, sugary spread.

State Sen. Jarrett Barrios started the tempest in a lunch box when he learned that his son's Cambridge grammar school cafeteria offered Fluff-and-peanut butter sandwiches daily.

In a nation where child obesity rates have...

Boston area public schools have long offered 'fluffernutter' sandwiches at lunchtime.

(Lovely Wife herself is a major source of income for the Fluff (marshmallow cream) industry. She was raised on fluffernutter, Fluff and peanut butter, sandwiches. They are still a major component of her daily intake of protein and sugar. She even turned my own Sainted Mother onto them. How bad could they be?)

Not only are they an institution up there in Taxachusetts, but the stuff is even made locally. They are helping their local economy with every fluffernutter they eat.

But a sinister plot is afoot wherein fluffernutter sandwiches might be banned from school lunches as unhealthy.

Yet again an American state's legislature moves against the clear will of the average citizen.

It would behoove each of us to keep track of pending local and state issues in our own areas.

If they'll take away a kid's fluffernutter sandwiches, could pixie sticks (my generation's Crack) be far behind?

Wake up Americans!!

You probably have some similar evil plot brewing in YOUR area. Be prepared to write your state legislators, before it's too late.

Not sure if I spelled it right, but did you notice I used the word 'behoove' in a sentence up there? I'm rockin' and rollin' this mornin', I tell ya!

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Marsha said...

I was watching King of Queens just yesterday and they talked about fluffer-nutters. I was wondering what the heck it was and now you have answered my question!