Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Out Of The Closet

I 'came out' last night to Lovely Wife...

about having this blog.


You thought I was dropping a bombshell on ya didn't ya?

I hadn't told anyone about this blog. I honestly started it on a whim and didn't expect to be able to keep it up for very long. And I wasn't wanting to write for anyone other than myself, otherwise I would have felt, starting out, that someone was looking over my shoulder. That I was writing TO someone. But I just wanted to put thoughts on paper, so to speak, without pressure.

I didn't want to tell anyone because I would have been embarrassed, but overall, it's been easier to keep up than I thought. (Except for uploading picture difficutlies of late)

I like writing, not that I'm particularly good at it, and thought this would be an effective means to write at least a little bit every day. Looking back I think that the best stuff I've done has been when I 'shot from the hip' so to speak, and I thought for sure I would run out of things to say in a month or so, but here I still am three months later. So I told her.

She said she liked it. But I don't really have a particular purpose with this thing (obvious, huh?) and I do like to scribble here, so I recon I'll keep on going till it becomes a burden.

Who knows, I might even show a little back bone and actually come up with a theme for my blog. Write about one subject. The 'best blogs' are supposed to have a theme, right?

Nah. Probably won't. I think the title - Least Significant Bits, is still appropriate. Anyone who comes here to read, and sees the title, is forewarned.

Not much going on here.

But I'll keep on rambling on. For now.

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