Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Forgotten Film

Yeah. Ok.

So, I’m one of those people that starts fast but tends not to finish. Some things anyway.

All this slide scanning I have been doing has made me want to get out and use my old 35mm film cameras. Two days ago I get them out and check them out.

Now in this area I’m a TOTAL geek. I make sure all lenses and cameras are clean before putting them in their cases, then in the camera bag. I remove all batteries from camera bodies, flashes, motor drives, etc., as well.

Everything is in order and other than them feeling severely neglected since we bought a digital camera a few years ago, they are in fine working order.


I also found in my camera bag… 13 count’em, 13 exposed but undeveloped rolls of film.

That is just wrong. That’s what I meant about my tendency to not finish or follow through on certain things.

I went and turned in all the film yesterday, 10 rolls of print film, and 3 rolls of slides. The prints will be ready tomorrow night (I’m taking the cheap, send-the-film-out route), and the slides, next week.

In my defense, I had used a sharpie on the film canisters to put what was on them. I have Christmas’s past, birthdays, and all kinds of stuff.

And since the rolls are a few years old, it will be a ‘trip’ to see these ‘new’ pictures with everyone three or four years younger.

Who knows what treasures await me?

Anyway, I’ll scan some of these new negatives and share with all of you (yeah, like anyone reads this and/or cares) some of the better ones.


Lovely wife’s new laptop I bought for her from a fellow worker is an absolute SCREAMER. This thing is noticeably faster than our home’s desktop computer. I got her software loaded up last night, and she went out and bought a case for it and all her stuff.

She’s stylin’ now.

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