Sunday, June 04, 2006

Picture Post, Sunday June 4, 2006

Guess what you're getting again today, guys?


Slide scans, baby. You'll just have to deal with them as they are. Some obviously need cropping, one of them I cropped already because the 'right' crop was obvious. The others will have to wait and let me experiment to find the best way to crop them.

First couple to prove yet again I'm a sucker for a pretty sunset. The first one was after pulling off the side of I-20 around the Alabama/Mississippi border and the second one was across the street from the house where Lovely Wife grew up.

Next up is a photo I like that I took on one of the many, many, insomniac nights of my life. Only when I was younger and had more energy, I grabbed my cameras, a tripod, and headed out. This is a train bridge over the Ouachita River (WASH-i-taw) in Monroe, Louisiana. Note: Louisiana town cops think people out at 3am taking photographs are either insane or up to no good.

This next one isn't a great photo, but I have always really liked it because it was not set up. The flower wanted to grow on this side of the fence, by golly, and he did. He (or she) sure spruced up this old gray fence.

Okee Dokee. Looks like our fickle friend won't let me upload any other photos right now. Which is the reason I chose, because of the generous 300MB space. I've put a bunch of photos on here, but NO WHERE NEAR 300MB. Plus, I also have had this problem with on other computers with different internet accesses, so it HAS to be a issue.

Until tomorrow...

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