Saturday, June 24, 2006

Are You Bored?

Alright people. Here's a few more. If I'm boring you, let me know. Leave me a comment if all the pictures are boring you. Or, if you like the pictures and want less writing, I could do that. I'm just in picture mode right now, what with all the scanning of old slides and the new camera.

Just cry mercy and I'll come up with more meaningless drivel for you to read, OK? Let me know one way or the other, I'm kinda flying blind here.

Here is a great picture Number One Daughter took of Mr. Spike. He's our only boy critter, which makes him and me the only guys in the house. So that's a total of seven females and two males. (woops, just remembered our fish, Mr. Fish. he's a guy, but definitely a silent partner to Spike and myself) We spoil him horribly, but he's the sweetest, most gentle dog you ever saw. His name is Spike but we almost always call him Mister Spike because Number One Daughter named him and that's what she calls him.

Our crepe myrtle is blooming up a storm in the back yard. I could google the spelling, but why bother learning to spell something I'm gonna forget the name of by tomorrow? I had to ask Lovely Wife what it's called. You know. The whole flower name problem I have and discussed a bit on yesterday's post. By the way, the blue flowers yesterday are called plumbagos.

Lovely Wife LOVES wind chimes. If our neighbors hate them, well then it's just too darn bad because within a hundred yards of our house it is wind chime city. Here's the most unusual pink flamingo a Florida resident can have in their yard. One of LW's loudest chimes.

Tangelos. Widdle bitty tangelos on our tangelo tree. Aren't they cute? And this December they'll be tasty too. I took a picture without my hand and realized there was no perspective on how little they are. So I put my hand in there and took another photo. Having citrus fruit trees is cool. They smell heavenly in Feb/March when they bloom.

And here's one more from our sunset adventure yesterday evening. I just like the colors and the wide angle look. And the way the pier zooms off into the photo.

Give 'em a click to enlarge, of course.

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