Sunday, October 01, 2006

Picture Post, Sunday October 1, 2006

Wuh-hoo! October!

I scanned some of my old slides on Saturday. Most were from a trip I took with Lovely Wife's (then Lovely Fiance) family, to Rockwood, Tennessee. It's in the east Tennessee mountains about half way between Chattanooga and Knoxville.

All of these are from that trip and scanned Saturday. Give 'em a click.

First of all, this is one of Lovely Fiance at the precipice to Ozone Falls, in the mountains near her grandmother's house. You can see she would just walk up to the edge, freaking me out. Of course, being a true shutter bug, I got the shot amidst all of my freaking out. I only got as close to the edge as her while on my belly, scroonching up to look over. Just looking at her in this photo makes my head spin, and I don't exaggerate when I say that.

This is a slide I've always loved for some reason. This is my Father In Law (to be) raking and burning leaves at his mother's home in Rockwood. This is the only one of today's photos I cropped. Just a bit from the right because it was just darkness.

Here's one of Ozone Falls from top to bottom. There's nothing here really, to give you a sense of scale, but I would estimate them to be 90-100 feet high (27-30 meters). You can see why Lovely Fiance walking to the edge up there put ME on edge.

This next one is looking over the mountains north of Rockwood before sunrise one morning. Up on top of West Mountain (I think that's the name) is a fire observation tower and there is a small parking area and overlook up there. This is further proof, though rare, that I HAVE actually awakened before sunrise.

A final one of Ozone Falls from the same spot, just turning the camera up to get the sunlight through the trees. It was late November, that's why there's not much color.

This next one is from the same day as the photo at the bottom of this post. The limestone mill, or whatever you call such a place like this, looked neat in the evening sun against that impossible blue sky.


Wingnut said...

The fire of buring leaves is just fantastic, that's one big fire!
I love the one of your "fiance'" at the falls. My husband is just the same, walks right up to the edge of anything far down, makes me crazy, and my 5 year old has the exact same fearless tendencies, which sends me over the edge! this summer we went to the canyons in Utah, and on a hike, we crossed a land bridge that was a 4 feet wide, and 200 feet down. I told him, do not let her go, and then proceeded to hyperventilate between holding my breath while crossing, all the while they laughed and giggled and my daughter begged to run across and back. AKKK! Fun times...... :)

JAM said...

I had forgotten about my wimpitude until I started scanning these photos. I get around it by claiming, "I'm not scared of heights, I'm scared of edges." I don't have a problem being high up in a building or behind a rail at an overlook, in fact I love overlooks. But the wild, fend for yourself places like this one have me standing at least a distance equal to my height from the edge.

Anonymous said...

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