Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh. It's Friday

You know, some days, no matter how hard you try, you end up having to phone it in. Know what I mean?

I have nothing witty, clever, or meaningful to say.

So y'all are getting pictures.

This first one made me laugh. Boy did I need to do that. I was just setting up, wanting to take some photos of Lovely Wife's flowers a few weeks ago, when Rosie jumped up there. It was like a little kid jumping into the shot. If you have kids, or if any of you ever were kids, you know what I mean. But her eyes were half shut from looking into the sun, and I hadn't had a chance to adjust the flowers. Both Rosie and the flowers look kinda droopy. But she's a cutie, that's why I love this shot.

The rest of these were taken because I tried an experiment. I can't take a camera into work, but since it's still hitting 90 degrees F most days here, I also didn't want to leave my camera in the car.

So, what I did a few days ago, was to take one of those puffy material, collapsable, coolers. Like what you might take on a picnic. I put my whole camera bag in there, took the rechargeable battery in with me, and left the whole bundle, camera, camera bag, and cooler in the trunk of my car. The car is white. At the end of a whole day in the sun, when I got out there after work and checked on my camera, it was just barely warm. Actually it was perfect for taking out in the still warm evening without having to worry about fogging the lenses, or worse, the electonics inside the camera. Moisture + electronics = trouble. I had tried this scenario with shorter times in the trunk until I was sure I wasn't going to kill my camera.

So these photos were taken from my work's parking lot and the last one at a hospital just up the road from there because the sky looked cool, and the red Emergency sign looked interesting.


Lovely Wife said...

Ohhhhhh, Rosie Marie!!!! how cute.

Emily said...

Aw, that dog is so cute! And the flowers have ridiculously amazing color, looks straight outta one of those pro photography books. =)