Monday, October 16, 2006

Fall Colors, Florida Style

Here in Central Florida, there's not much in the way of fall colors.

There are a few hardwood trees here that turn colors in the fall, but nothing like what we saw when we lived in the Atlanta area. Heck, we have to mow our grass year 'round.

There is however, a type of tree, though it doesn't exactly shed it's leaves after putting on a show, it does turn colors in the fall.

The Rain Tree is widely planted down here, and in the fall, it produces many little pods that kind of look like colored little japanese lanterns.

The other day I went to the Melbourne public library, and they have a whole row of them planted beside the road, on the library's property.

I had my camera with me, and took some photos. Here's a tree that almost single handedly gives Florida a fall feeling. Down here, seeing a rain tree do it's thang, is the best signal of the arrival of fall.

'Cause otherwise, it's still pretty hot here every day.

Click on 'em.

Purdy, ain't they?


Emily said...

Well aren't you lucky! Those are some beautiful pictures! Up here it's already started lightly snowing, but these seriously made me forget how dreary it is outside. :)

JAM said...

Wow, snow? I wouldn't mind swapping weather with you for a week or so. Though, if it's too cold, it will kill most of the plants that live down here.