Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Please Pray For Lovely Wife Today

I'm taking Lovely Wife today to have abdominal surgery. Please pray for her ok? It's not a huge deal, because it is a laparoscopy, but it's always a concern to have ANY type of surgery.


Wingnut said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, may she have a speedy recovery.

Emily said...

How long do surgeries take? I think hers might be over by now, but if not, I hope everything goes smoothly!

JAM said...

Right now it's 2:55pm Eastern time. She handled the surgery well, but was in a whole lot of pain, so they kept her there a little longer until they got her pain level knocked down. She was in surgery for an hour, and in recovery for about two hours fifteen minutes.

She had an umbilical hernia since birth, but it healed. It was reopened during her pregnancies years ago, but lately had begun to bother her a great deal, and the doc thought the intestine was in danger of being pinched, so she finally had surgery on it.

They did it with laparoscopy, using three small incisions like with a knee surgery, so she was able to come home this evening. It turned out that she actually had two hernias that he had to work on, so the extra work and manipulations on that area probably caused the extra pain.

She's awake and alert, and thanks to modern pharmacology, the pain is more under control.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Jenny Ryan said...

Glad she's doing all right.

K T Cat said...

Many prayers. I hope it all came out OK.