Sunday, July 09, 2006

Picture Post, Sunday, July 9, 2006

I'm still trying to scan my old slides as I can fit a few in. Here are some that I have always liked.

Pic #1: You're probably sick of Florida pictures by now, but hey, I've lived here almost ten years. I've taken a LOT of pictures in ten years. This is the walkway to our favorite beach to go to and sit on the beach as opposed to sitting above the beach on a convenient bench without getting sand in our shoes. When we want to get sandy and go home with that crispy, salty, wind tunnel lookin' hair, we go to this beach just south of Sebastian Inlet in Indian River County. About a 30 minute drive for us to get here, but it's worth it. It's usually quiet and the beach is pretty wide here. Anyhoo, I like this photo because when I look at it, I get that feeling I have when walking on it for real. We LUUUV the beach. (Though we probably don't really go enough any more to justify that statement.)

Pic #2: This was taken in November of 1983. I had gone with Lovely Fiance (now Lovely Wife these almost 22 years) and her fambly to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. We were on the way back and I was driving. I had my camera handy and as we were entering Birmingham Alabama, the sky and the lights of the lamps and such inspired me to hold the camera in front of me, paparazzi style, and take this through the windshield. The colors and everything came out close to perfect. I even like the blurriness, the crookedness, and the light streaks from the too-slow shutter speed. (Ah, the days of trying for perfection with slow slide film. Sigh.)

Pic #3: Taken one evening close to sunset, way out in the country of northeastern Louisiana. Near a town called Farmerville. Lovely Fiance's Grandmother and Grandfather lived nearby. I thought the little guy was so cute.

Pic #4: Taken the same evening as the horse picture above. I liked the golden hour look the late day sun shone on this sign. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, this was, at the time, the only country road sign in the whole state of Louisiana that didn't have bullet holes in it.

Pic #5: This was a silhouette I took of the stern of the battleship USS Alabama, in Mobile, Alabama. It almost looks like a night shot. The flag and the bright reflections of the sun on the water make this picture for me. This would have been summer 1983.

Pic #6: This one was taken a few years ago here locally in Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay, Florida. It's really interesting. If you click and make it larger, look at the not-yet-opened flowers in the puff ball on the right. The unopened ones look like a neat arrangement of colored stars or something. They would eventually open to look like the puff ball on the left. I just like the color and the other-worldliness of the unopened blooms.

I'll try to give y'all a break and write something tomorrow. My vacation is over. I've enjoyed all the photography, sleeping late, etc. I feel recharged a bit.

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Emily said...

I now understand the idea of being 'camera happy!' I recently got a video camera, and have been filming everything under the sun!

I love all your pictures though, because you're good at photography and capturing colors and moments on film, it's really awesome^^

My video camera is the Panasonic GS500...If I ever get high speed I want to do some video blogging, lol.