Sunday, July 02, 2006

Picture Post, Sunday, July 2, 2006

I have posted some pictures over the weeks that were taken in the Palm Bay/Melbourne Florida area. Here are a few more. This is a pretty area and I like to get out and go to parks and such. These were all taken with my new camera.

Listen up, cause I'm gonna learn y'all somethin'. Something that most residents of Palm Bay, Florida do not know. There is actually a body of water called Palm Bay that the city was named after. It is part of the Indian River Lagoon which is our section of the Intracostal Waterway. It is up against US1 in 'the river'. Locals call the Indian River Lagoon 'the river'.

And here you go. A picture of Palm Bay, the body of water. I took this Friday evening. I plan to go back here one morning. The way the bay is situated, I need to take photos with the morning light, not the evening light. But this one came out ok, if a bit boring. This is looking westward from a Castaway Point, which is one of the 'arms' of land sticking out to help form the bay.

This is from the same park as the one above, just on the other side of the park looking eastward out over the Indian River Lagoon. This is Castaway Point Park. This is a nice park, and has a nice tucked away feeling to it.

I took this standing a few steps from the spot I took the above photo. I just moved to my left a bit. I have always loved this tree; we came across it one day soon after moving here when we were first exploring the area. THAT is a tree with character. The old building in the distance was a restaurant, but was badly damaged in the hurricanes of the past two years, and hasn't been repaired.

This next one isn't anything special. I like it though because I've always been a 'wide angle' guy as opposed to a 'telephoto' guy. Well, the new camera came with a nice telephoto zoom in the kit and I like the way it gives the illusion of compressing the field of view. It doesn't really, but that's the way our minds perceive it. Anyway, it was a warm, breezy, GORGEOUS evening, and I envied this couple in the boat a little.

This is one more photo from the set I took on Thursday, June, 22. I have posted a couple from that evening out with Lovely Wife, but I wanted to add this one because I just loved the colors. Sitting and watching sunsets like this one(and all the others) is a great way to decompress.

And here I get a little more personal about myself. I was planning to do my quarterly cleaning of my chest of drawers and my desk this week. And today I realized that, hey, a photo of them would be a great way to let everyone see a bit of my personal world. This dude is a mess! Everything from Hotwheels at the top of the photo to medicine and reciepts. I realized this says a lot about me; that I let it get like this, clean it to perfection, and over a few months let it get back into this condition. It says something allright, I'm just not sure what.

That goes for my desk here too. Whatever I need to do, I clear off just enough to make room for that task. So it ends up like the chest of drawers, total mess, perfectly clean for a while, then the slow slide into hideousness.

Space Shuttle Discovery
I went out yesterday and found a spot locally to watch and take photos of STS-121 (Space Shuttle Discovery) take off, but they scrubbed the mission.

I'll try again this evening. But I am NOT about to try to get near Kennedy Space Center for this launch. There was horrible traffic and few places to park here yesterday and we live 30-40 miles south of the Space Center!

The local radio said there was traffic jammed up for 20 miles on many of the main highways and roads near the Space Center yesterday. I'll just watch the speck zoom into the air from down here, thank you.

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