Saturday, July 08, 2006

Am I Killin' Y'all?

Is it just too much with all the photos and photo talk? I hope not. I'm not fishing for comments here, but if you read this blog regularly, let me know ok? I can 'talk' more if I've gone overboard with the photos.

Did someone say photos? Here's a few more. I'm looking into the various photo sites but haven't found the right one for me yet.

Here we go again...

Pic #1: Surprise is the subject of this one. I had gone to a park a few miles south of our home and took a few photos. I haven't posted any here from that day yet, but after leaving this park, I drove down the road further, looking for interesting things. I got near the end of the road and pulled into someone's driveway to turn around. While switching from Drive to Reverse I looked up and saw this. I had seen the flag, but the carved palm tree, I hadn't noticed until I was right in front of it. Being the intrepid type, I risked life and limb and got out of the car and took this photo. I was not shot at for trespassing. Cool. Growing up in Louisiana can scar a guy.

Pic #2: Symmetry, color, and texture. But what the heck IS this? The side of an old rusty train bridge. One thing I hate about the limitations of space, I can't show you the whole series of photos. I took a bunch of shots around this bridge, thinking, isn't it a danger being so old and rusty? Shouldn't they tear it down to protect the public? Then about 4 minutes later, a train came zooming across this thing. I was about a hundred yards away by then. I'm glad. This thing must be sturdy, but it sure looks rickety.

Pic #3: Colors, and interesting shapes. This patriotic boat owner would be welcome in my home any time. There were flags all over it. This arrangement just caught my eye for some reason, so I went for it. It is a total liberation not to have to worry about film!

Pic #4: Texture. From the same train bridge as the purple one above. See why I thought this thing was rickety?

Pic #5: I had just finished my shots of yesterday's post's blue heron. Turned and took about 5 steps and I see this guy to my right. He was doing that whole fishing-bird-tai-chi-slow-motion thing here. They walk slowly, aim, and spear 'em a fish. I don't remember seeing one of these guys before. I love that his reflection is there too.

Later, dudes and dudettes.

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