Monday, July 24, 2006

Is It Monday Already?

Sorry, but I just don't have the ooomph this morning to write for you my usual, life-changing and pithy social commentary. As a consequence of my fogginess, or laziness if you prefer, you're gettin' more pictures. Kinda like serving you a honey bun for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs. It's just plain easier.

Eat up!

Having grown up in Louisiana, I never have been around mountains except for what ones I've seen on vacations and trips. And it's been a long time now, since we've been on a trip and seen mountains, but although Florida doesn't have mountains, we do have amazing clouds. I've never been anywhere else that had such variation of cloud formations as we do here. And on some days I just sit and look at them and it honestly fills that spot within me that is reserved for being pleased with a mountain vista. I hope that makes sense. If not, just enjoy the picture(s).

This next one, seemed to me to be have too much of a blue cast to it, but when I adjusted it in Photoshop Elements, I liked the original blue one better. Maybe the camera knows something I don't. Anyhoo, I added this one as an example of something that happens here a lot. The uppermost cloud in this photo was really, really low in the sky, as were the darker gray ones. The distant white, puffy clouds were really high in the sky. I love the dramatic 3-D effect this does to the sky when this happens, although the effect doesn't show up very well in a 2-D photo. You'll just have to take my word for it. It's a captivating show when this happens.

I heart photos with surprises. I took this one while waiting for a jet-ski thingamajig to enter the frame, against the houses on this island. (I saw the birds flying by and took one with them in it while waiting for the jet-ski.) When I got it home and blown up on the computer screen, I realized there were two guys standing on the top of one of the houses on the island. Looks like they're just standing there, having a couple of brewskis.

This one was a carved fish over the gate to someone's private pier. I took probably a dozen or so of this guy in various compositions, but liked this one with the out of focus sailboat in the background best.

I am fascinated by signs. I had never seen this one before. Where this is located along US1, it seemed to me to mean "Warning: People reading and not paying attention crossing!" But I think it really means there's a library up that road there.

About the picture below: Are you paying attention? What is this? Any ideas? First person to guess correctly gets three 'attaboy!'s from me.

Sorry I couldn't come up with anything else this morning. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow to see if I can change your life. Jeesh, quit puttin' so much pressure on me!


Anonymous said...

Turn left to go to the library?

JAM said...

For the one above the question. I have trouble with blogger, spacing things out.

My question is meant for the last picture.

I'm sorry I didn't go back and make that more clear.