Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cheeze Whiz There Big Guy!

You Mean You're Posting More Pictures?!

I'm afraid so. This is my vacation, remember? I don't really have adequate cash flow for a trip right now, so I'm jus' chillin' wit my Home Girl (Lovely Wife) as much as possible.

Getting out and taking photos is my vacation this year. I reckon all y'all will just have to deal with it.

Plus coming up with clever posts might be too much like work right now, so as long as Blogger will let me upload a few pics, that's what you're gonna get.

Today's themes: Birds and interesting colors. I've encountered both quite a bit this week. Again, these are not cropped or manipulated. Straight out of the camera, except for resizing them for upload to Blogger.

Picture #1: I went down to this area specifically to take pictures of this old pier that hasn't been repaired from the hurricanes of 2004. The vulture (or maybe buzzard, I'm not sure but this guy WAS waiting for something to die) was one of many in this area on Monday. Not exactly sure why he was there, but he added interest to the broken down pier.

A couple of white ibis. The things are all over the place, and they are so exotic looking that even after living here nine years, I still stop and stare. They are pretty skittish and won't let you approach very close. They show up in our front yard after it rains, looking for worms and bugs.

You just don't know what you'll see just hanging around on the side of the road down here.

I had the wrong lens on when I encountered this guy. He was spooking easily, so I just used the lens I had on the camera.

I was fascinated by the vibrant green of this grass, but as I was pointing the camera around I came across the cup. Both colors are so 'neon' that this image of grass and garbage works for me.

I did not transgress, but the yellow stood out so starkly in the evening sun.

Until tomorrow, folks...

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