Sunday, January 27, 2008

Picture Post, Sunday January 27, 2008

Don't have any spectacular images today. Some days are spectacular, some are average.

They're still purdy, though, and may be preferable to looking at slushy, dirty snow for some of you.

Just click to enlarge, and then smell the warm, salty air.

This first one is a still shot of a piece of performance art being acted out by the Atlantic Ocean that I call "Death of a Sandcastle."

Being on the east coast of Floridia, this is what sunsets actually look like from the beach here. That's why it costs more to have a beach home on the Gulf of Mexico side of the state, though it ain't cheap here. (Yes, I intentionally misspelled Florida. I call it Floridia sometimes, like Number One Daughter sometimes calls Canada, Canadia.)

I've never been on a sailboat, and I've never been on any kind of boat or ship out on the ocean, but I love seeing boats like this, ready to be taken out.

Your basic "Yield to Peds" sign (whatever the heck a "Ped" is), but I loved how the soft afternoon sun setting behind me made the sign seem as if it were glowing from within. What can I say, I'm easy to please.

This swarm of seagulls was kinda creepy. I looked carefully but didn't see Tippi Hedren anywhere, so I finally relaxed. Though I kept a wary eye out for any one of these guys who might try to use my head as a public toilet, as gulls are sometimes wont to do.

Have a great Sunday, folks.


Moi said... made my Sunday you can see, I can't's 5:30 and I am nowhere close to hitting the bed yet for Sat. night that just passed by!!!

Babystepper said...

Oh yeah, I can see why sunrise over an ocean comes at a high price, but it surprises me that it comes at a higher price then sunsets over the ocean.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I love the sunbeams shooting up over the silhouetted landscape in your sunset photo. Gorgeous.

Qtpies7 said...

I'd be scared of the birds, too!
When we were in New York at some little town my brother lived in, we went to a park to feed the ducks.
I was terrified. They knew what we had, and it was like they hadn't gotten any in a year. They were going for it, and they weren't waiting for us to get it out of the bag.

katherine. said...

it always made me kinda sad when the waves took my sandcastles....

Olga said...

ahhh,rubbing salt into the wounds eh? Yeah, we got the slush and more on the way. I heard on the radio they were getting a new morning guy and he was moving from Floridia to here, ha hahah. Boy- I think he is gonna wish he held out for more money....

Sharon Lynne said...

enjoyed the photos.

Loved the waves--I DID make them BIGGER. Yep...I could smell the salt.

Sniz said...

When I was in college, I went to Florida on Spring Break with my best friend, Darcy. Darcy was a tiny girl with gorgeous long strawberry curls. I always felt like a jolly giant next to her. Well, we were strolling the beach in our bikinis, me and the perfect, red-headed barbie doll. A gull flew overhead. He pooped right on my head and down my face. All I could think was, "Of course that would happen to me and not her." I hate seagulls.