Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm Mostly Ignorant of Such Things

I don't keep up with which phase the moon is in at any given time. I have no idea of the times of the local high and low tides. Our tides aren't very big, being so much closer to the equator than say, Cape Cod. Whenever I specifically think about such things, I look them up on the Weather Channel web site.

The day I took these photos, I had gone to the beach; it had been a while since I had seen the ocean.

There was a red tide still in the area, had been off and on for weeks, and they can mess up your breathing, or so I'd heard.

As soon as I parked at Ocean Park in Melbourne Beach, Florida, and stood outside the Camry, I started coughing. There was one family at this park who were using so much lighter fluid to start the fire in their charcoal for grilling there that I thought I was coughing due to the strong odor of the lighter fluid.

But after I went down on the beach and kept coughing, I realized there must still be red tide in the area.

I wasn't choked up as bad as it sounds or anything, so I stayed a little while as the sun went down in the west. Even with the sun in the "wrong" direction, there can be beautiful lighting toward the east.

After I had taken some photos of some sandpipers (birds) running around, I noticed that there was a gorgeous full moon that had risen.

Even with a camera in hand I'm not the most observant person in the world, and suddenly noticing the full moon hanging there above the water was a wonderful surprise.

I LOVE the soft glow of light reflecting on top of the ocean's waters there in that top photo.

By the time I left the beach and went on to Barnes & Noble, it took about half an hour to stop coughing and my tongue felt as if I had eaten a spoon full of red pepper. It was such a weird set of sensations caused by the red tide.

(Side Note: I didn't take my tripod along, and I hand held these shots. The anti-shake feature on the lens I was using really came in handy. Normally it's almost impossible to take a sharp photo in such dim light with the zoom all the way out to maximum magnification. I love this lens!)


massage recliner said...

You did a great job taking the pics of the moon. When I try the focus never works out quite right and they are always blurry.

Hammer said...

Those are really good for hand held. I have to rest my camera on my chest and breathe slowly to get any kind of still in low light.

photowannabe said...

Great hand held full moon shot. Glad you finally noticed it. It would have been a shame to have missed it.
Hope you are feeling better now John.

The Rock Chick said...

The pics are spectacular--just gorgeous!

I just bought myself a little digital camera to keep in my purse and it has that anti-shake feature on it. I can't believe the difference it makes and I'm sure it's not even some high quality thing.

Hope you are feeling better!