Sunday, January 20, 2008

Picture Post, Sunday January 20, 2008

These were all taken on the same day.

Lovely Wife and I were going to go to a favorite park a few miles north of where we live to let me wander and get a few photos, but north of our home a storm front was low in the sky and moving southward.

We went south about 15 miles instead, thinking that the front would move out over the ocean, but instead it was like a perfect row of dark clouds bringing storm showers and cold wind moving exactly southward along the coast.

When this front, led by these black clouds passed over, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees F.

We got back to the car when one of the showers came right at us, big drops of really cold rain.

This first shot is my favorite of the whole day, and is yet another Walmart parking lot photo.

These next ones were all taken at a beautiful park along the Indian River Lagoon in Sebastian, Florida.

In this final shot, the white bird is and ibis, but the blue one is some sort of heron (I think).

Have a great Sunday, folks!


Travis said...

That first one is really breath-taking.

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