Thursday, January 31, 2008

Buncha Gulls and The Lone Gull

I took several photos of these gulls lined up here to gab with one another. I actually had another in this series that I liked better, until Lovely Wife called my attention to the gull on the far right.

His head is tilted and he's looking at the others like a person might in a serious conversation. After seeing that and looking at them all again, I like this one best now myself.

I like the moody clouds and the one lonesome gull on the little information shed thingy there.

After you look at these, look a the the one on my John's Daily Digital Images blog for today, specifically the one of the blue sky, huge clouds, and the sihouette of the palm trees. These two photos above and that one on the other blog were taken just a minute or so apart, but the ones above are looking toward the east and over the Atlantic, whereas the one on my other blog is looking west toward the evening sun/sky. Huge difference in mood and vibe by just turning around almost on the same spot.

I know some of yoose guys have been having crazy-cold weather up there (everywhere is "up there" when you live in Florida) but we've been having temps 10degreesF above normal this week.

Sunny and 75-80F.

Though actually, I could use a cold snap about now. You know, where the lows at night are 50 and the highs around 65 or 70.

That's what passes for a cold snap down here.


Babystepper said...

Love those chatting gulls.

It's amazing how the same sky can give such different images.

terri said...

Hey thanks for the visit! I'm crazy-jealous of the weather you're having. People always ask why anyone would choose to live up north and I've come to the realization, (much like you) that I didn't CHOOSE this. I got stuck here. Can't leave a good job and there's the family to think about and all that. I'm so getting out of here when I retire!

Anyway, love your photos!

Travis said...

What a cheeky looking gull.