Monday, January 07, 2008

Phlem of the gods

I just can't seem to get over this creepin' crud that I caught the weekend after Christmas, so I finally went to see the doctor.

Today was the first day I could see our family doctor. Doctors, it seems, like to take time off around Christmas and New Year's Day. Go figure.

So I drive up to Viera where our doctor's office is and go in and pay up. Doctors offices are well oiled machines these days. You don't get past the front desk without them looking up the co-pay for your insurance company and also extracting from your wallet said co-pay.

Not complaining, that's pretty smart, but it's a cruel world, ya know?

We've been seeing this doctor for over 10 years now, definitely a good run with the same doctor, because a) she's stayed in the area that long, and b) she's a great doctor that usually takes all the time you need in exam room to not only check you out, but to also answer any and all questions.

I was the only person in the waiting area this morning, and yet after I got called back for the obligatory weigh-in/blood pressure/go over current medications with the nurse, it took a good 15 minutes for the doctor to finally come in. No problem, but being a curious person, what took so long?

Anyway, the check up and diagnosis was fast, upper respiratory infection, and she bugs out of there.

Then it takes another 10-15 minutes for the nurse to come in with the prescriptions for cough medicine and antibiotics.

I set up an appointment for 2 weeks down the road (for other, yearly appointment issues) and as I leave, there's no one in the waiting area.

Granted, 30 minutes in and out is pretty good for seeing the doctor in my experience (I would LOVE to have my orthopedic Dr. appointments be so prompt) but the curiosity in me still wonders why, if I was the only person there, did it take so long for her to come in, why was she in such a hurry today, and why it took another while to get my prescriptions written?

Again, I'm not complaining, I'm a pretty patient person, but this was not my usual experience with this doctor.

At any rate, I'm hoping the meds will help get rid of the copious amounts of minty green phlem I've been producing for ten days now.


Hammer said...

Glad you went. Those infections are particularly nasty this year.

My doctor runs things exactly the same way 30 min is great with me.

Gudl said...

Yuck! I am glad you went, too.
Hope you will feel better soon.

photowannabe said...

My Hubby and i are still having fits of coughing. 1 month and counting...anti biotics did help but we have both gotten so tired of ourselves. Hang in there John.
Dr. visits are always an adventure.

Travis said...

My Lady and I both got the creeping crud from our respective offices. We weren't sick - neither of us - on New Year's Day. But by the time we got home on Wednesday, we were both starting to feel it.

Dang work.

Babystepper said...

Hmmm. Minty Green, huh? There's a pleasant mental image.