Sunday, January 13, 2008

Picture Post, Sunday January 13, 2008

Saturday was a good day both pain and attitude-wise.

My back's pain level was so much lower than it was before starting the new medicine regimen Wednesday, that for the first time in a long time I wanted to "do stuff."

I ended up just piddling around the house doing things I needed to do but just haven't cared enough to do; things that wouldn't push my back too hard.

I put some stacks of my books on the book shelves (one at a time, I'm not THAT stupid). I made a minor repair on one of our toilets that should help with the water bill. I cleared out enough space in the room vacated by Number One Daughter when she moved in with my Sis In Law so that I now have a great little place to go and practice guitar on my good (full size) amplifier as opposed to using my little micro amp.

It was one of the best days I've had in several months. I hope the trend continues.

About today's photos, I dug up a few from when I first bought my Nikon D70s but had messed up the exposures, and also a few from recent posts on my photography blog that I liked but didn't know if y'all had seen them over there.

In other words, I haven't been on a new photo excursion in a couple of weeks and had to dig deep to find some stuff to post.

I hope y'all like them anyway.


Hammer said...

I'm so glad you are doing better.

What kind of boat is that in the first pic?

The Rock Chick said...

So glad to hear you are doing better!!! One step at a time!

Beautiful pics--I've been really trying to test out my new little camera, but haven't had much of a chance yet! Soon!!!!


JAM said...

Hammer, I have no idea what that boat is. It's just some raggly looking old sailboat at a local marina.

I really like the shape of it, it's "lines" I guess you could say, but it looks like it hasn't been taken care of, though it's still afloat and had flags flying.

Thanks Jessica, I am reserving judgment until more time has passed, but it has definitely helped so far. I'll take every good day that I can get.