Monday, January 22, 2007

I Think It's Me

I really am beginning to believe it's my fault.

As I said the other day, I didn't even know the Saints were in the playoffs, much less the NFC Championship Game until Long Suffering Brother In Law told me when we were in Louisiana a few weeks ago.

So this week I sit down and watch my first complete National Football League game of this season.

That would be yesterday.

What happens?

The Saints lost.

I think it's me, because when I was watching the Colts-Patriots game, the Patriots were pretty dominant. When I turned off the TV and worked on Photoshopping some photos, and then later turned it on to check the score, the Colts were doing great, pretty much going toe to toe with the Patriots.

So I turned the TV off again.

I finally got to where I couldn't take it any more and turned the TV back on. The Patriots had the ball, there were 49 seconds left in the game, and the Colts were winning! 38-34.

Tom Brady completed a good pass and followed that up by throwing an interception, whereupon Payton Manning took a knee and they were on the way to the superbowl.

Conclusions: If the team I want to win is winning, then I can go ahead and watch the game, but if they are losing, it's my fault and I should immediately turn off the TV to give them a chance.

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I entered one of my Thursday Thirteens in it, The Party Pooper's Guide® To Halloween, and it's my first time to join a blog carnival.

And since I have a hard time putting up a post without a photo, I got out a couple from the archives.

These are photos of my favorite guitarist, Brad Noah of Disciple. I love this guy's playing; plus he's a Les Paul - Wah Pedal - Marshall kind of guy, which makes me love him pretty much right off the bat without even hearing him. I guess it's a good thing I can't play like him, Lovely Wife would have a complete bum on her hands. I would just sit around and do nothing but wail on wah pedal heavy metal guitar leads all day. Every day.

These were taken at Zion Christian Church in Palm Bay, in April 2004.

These were taken with our old Sony DSC S-75 digital camera, it's slow as all get-out, but it takes good pictures.


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Cool photos.

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