Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #21

Thirteen Photos From Our Louisiana Trip Last Week

Give 'em a click, to see them in all their glory.

On our way to Louisiana, there was a beautiful sky and clouds in the afternoon. This was in north Florida and the evening sun made a roadside view of the trees and sky look pretty. To me at least.

This is the house in Monroe, Louisiana that I grew up in. From ages 12-21, anyway. I was glad to see that magnificent oak tree still alive and getting bigger and bigger. I have an old slide of it from the early 1980s I scanned and posted, at the bottom of the post HERE.

This is the front of Neville High School in Monroe. I graduated from here in 1980. Neville is celebrating its 75th anniversary in the 2006-2007 school year. They just don't build pretty red brick schools with character like this much any more. The campus is beautiful, with lots of monstrous old trees.

This photo looks along Bayou DeSaird which runs through Monroe, and here it's running through the campus of the University of Louisiana - Monroe. I earned an Associate degree from here in 1983. Of course, then, it was Northeast Louisiana University. And they've torn down many of the old 50s and 60s era square yellow brick buildings and have replaced them with stylish and beautiful new ones. It's as if a totally new school occupies the space of the old one. Looks great though.

This is Baxter, Big Sis and Long Suffering B.I.L.'s yellow Lab. He's in their front yard fetching the toy we brought for him. He's such a sweet dog.

This is Younger Brother with his Yorkie, Chester. Chester is giving him a love bite.

This is a pic of some horses in a pasture, in LaSalle Parish in central Louisiana. Lovely Wife took this on the fly as we zoomed down a rural road on the way to Aimoch, where my Dad and Big Brother are buried. This pic looks great for a 50mph snap shot.

We don't have these signs in the part of Florida I live in.

This is Lovely Wife, Big Sis, and Sainted Mother putting new flowers on the graves of my Big Brother, Dad, and paternal grandparents. That clear cut area behind the cemetery was formerly a beautiful pine forest. It almost broke my heart to drive up and see it had been clear cut. They'll replant it, but it will be twenty years before it starts to get pretty again. Bummer. It was a beautiful day though.

This is the church that the cemetery is adjacent to.

This is the Wilbanks Cemetery, just a few miles from the one pictured above. One of my paternal great grandmothers is buried here. That's Big Sis, who walked around the whole cemetery and determined that there is NOT ONE Wilbanks buried in the Wilbanks Cemetery. A mystery.

This is our Christmas gift to Baxter, after only two days. He's kinda rough on toys.

As we headed home to Florida, we stopped in Vicksburg, Mississippi at the welcome center, on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. I liked this shot of the canons, flags, and the tugs and barges in the distance. Another beautiful day.

Sorry I'm so late with this. I've had a heckuva time getting the photos uploaded.

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Chickadee said...

I love the oak trees in the south...beautiful and graceful. I visited Slidell and New Orleans a few years ago. I really enjoyed Slidell.

My 13 is up.

Gette said...

Awesome tree in #2

my 2 cents said...

Great pictures! I think #1 is my favorite.

Skittles said...

Probably the best TT I've seen today. Well worth the wait :)

Judy Callarman said...

Those are wonderful pictures--Louisiana is a gorgeous place. It must have been a nostalgic time for you.

Chris said...

Photos are a cool idea for a TT, and those are especially good.

Might have to 'borrow' the idea next time! ;-)

Chelle Y. said...

Those are some great pictures! I have never been to LA. Maybe some day....

JohnH985 said...

Very cool list. Hi from someone a little farther south in the state, down by New Orleans.

My 13 is up.

Gabrielle said...

What a great trip collection pictures! Thanks for stopping by...

amy said...

Great post and I love the one of the dog..those are coloful pics

Dane Bramage said...

Great Pics! Now I kow who to go to for my photographer training. Anyway thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #24 New Years Resolutions Edition.

Caylynn said...

Great photos! :) Sounds like you had a good trip! The first two photos are beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. :)

Raggedy said...

TT has grown so much it is hard to reach people on Thursday.
I loved your list and the pictures are wonderful!
Have a great weekend!
My TT is posted