Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ain't Got Much To Say

My back is really giving me fits, and it's hard to sit here and type, not to mention trying to think clearly about any subject. So I'm doing the easy thing. I'm posting a few flatbed scanner photos of my parents, back in the day.

This first scan is of a picture of Sainted Mother when she was six. My Dad always loved this photo of her and kept it in his wallet for many years. I haven't tried to correct any of the damage from all the years in his wallet. I think the lines and wrinkles are a little bit of my Dad, if that makes any sense.

When Don C. was in the Navy in the mid 50's, he served on the destroyer, U.S.S. Benham. This parakeet was my parent's pet, named Benny, after Dad's ship. He would ride Don C.'s hand while he shaved every morning. This is the only photo of Benny. The original was really washed out and had very little contrast. It was hard to make out who was who in the photo. This is the best I could bring out both Benny and Don C. on short notice. I still have my original scan, so in years to come, as I get better, I can revisit the original and try to make it look even better.

This is Sainted Mother in her senior year of high school portrait. (I think) She said this is the shirt she was wearing when she married Don C.

This is a portrait of the family from about 1960, a couple of years before I arrived on the scene. I haven't had time to do any repairs on this one either, but it only needs work on the outside edges of the photo. The part with my folks in it looks good still.

That's about all my back will let me sit here and do, so that'a all folks.

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Hope you feel better soon!