Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Really Should Care More About This...

This coming week, the New Orleans Saints will play the Chicago Bears (Da Bears!) for their conference crown in America's National Football League. If they win this next game, they'll be in the upcoming Superbowl!

First of all, I had no idea they had made it to the playoffs until a couple of weeks ago when my Brother In Law mentioned it when we were in Louisiana.

Shows just how important the National Football League is in my life, Huh?

I was born in Louisiana, in a town in the northeast part of the state, called Bastrop.

I consider Monroe, Louisiana my home town.

I remember the heady days of "The Ain'ts", what the Saints were called because they were so bad. They sucked wind, I tell ya. They were so bad, it was fun to watch them.

I remember loving to watch Saints games (they showed them a lot, in regional broadcasts) to see the people in the stands, the Saints fans mind you, wearing paper sacks over their heads with eye holes punched in them so they could see the game.

This was way before the demonic invasion of plastic grocery sacks. Paper sacks were cheap and plentiful, even politically correct back then.

My how times change.

I watched a lot of professional football as a young person, and I always wanted the Saints to do well, even though they weren't my favorite team. I was from Louisiana though, and they were from Louisiana, and they were underdogs, and I'm a complete sucker for the underdogs of the world, so I never minded when the Saints would win over one of the teams I liked. (Minnesota Vikings with Fran Tarkenton, and the Houston Oilers of the Bum Phillips, Earl Campbell era)

I didn't even watch their game against the Philadelphia Eagles this past weekend. They won. Hey, now that I think of it, maybe that's why they won!

So here's to the Ain'tsSaints. I hope they win it all.

Now I'll have to go back and read about what they did this season so I can speak knowledgably about it and look like a real Saints fan when my coworkers talk sports.

And I guess I should have picked up a couple of Saints shirts or something while we were in Louisiana after Christmas. Lord knows they're almost impossible to find in this part of Florida.

Lovely Wife DID buy me a Louisiana Tech license plate to put on the front of my car. :)

I have four years of mental sweat that I put into Louisiana Tech, so I'll put that plate on my car proudly.

And oh yeah, Go Saints! I've always been your most loyal fan. I knew y'all could do it.

Never doubted you.


Sindi1968 said...

How sad for us that we grew up with the saints AKA Aints only to move to Florida where we have the Bucs AKA sucks. I was happy to see the saints win but mu husband who is from Philly was not so happy.
Bottom line Go COLTS !!!!

JAM said...

Oh well, the Eagles have had lots of chances over the years, this is the first time the Saints have actually been contenders.

The Bucs had that one year of glory a few years ago and have dropped back into the cellar.

I have always kinda liked the Dolphins, but they've been so bad for so long that I don't have much hope for them either.

That's probably why I don't watch the NFL hardly at all any more. I LOVE college football though. I can't wait until major college football starts a playoff system.