Sunday, January 07, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday January 7, 2006

Neville High School in Monroe, Louisiana

The school opened in 1931. This school year, they are celebrating their 75th anniversary.

Big Brother graduated from here in 1977, I graduated from here in 1980, and Younger Brother graduated from here in 1988. We have no sympathy for Big Sis and her sons when it comes to the annual Neville-Ouachita football game. Big Sis works at Ouachita Junior High, and both of our nephews, her sons, went to Ouachita.

I enjoyed my time here, and still have friends I keep in contact with from high school.

But I have to confess, that I wasn't nominated for "Most School Spirit." I haven't been to a Neville football game since 1979.

I am proud to have gone to Neville though. I joke on this blog about having gone to Louisiana public schools, but in reality, I do just fine as an engineer along side my coworkers from Penn State, Purdue, Georgia Tech, MIT, Ohio State, etc., etc., with my Neville High School and Louisiana Tech educations.

This campus, and the building you see here are so pretty. The red brick and the center tower and the little design details in the building make it look even more beautiful as time goes on.

This entrance is into the school's auditorium/theatre. The three carvings above the doors fascinated me in high school. I remember taking photos of them from the third floor windows when I was a photographer for the yearbook my senior year. Miracle of miracles, I found those old photos. You can compare. I was getting artsy-fartsy in the school's darkroom, trying to make them look like ancient old photos.

This area out in front of these doors has several memorials to former students who have passed away. It's a really pretty part of the campus that always had little traffic.

These huge old oaks are just to the south of the auditorium entrance, on the least used side of the campus.

This photo is looking back out toward Forsyth Avenue which runs in front of the school. It's really nice in early summer when everything is green and the trees have leaves.

And what southern high school is complete without a football stadium? I still think of cool, crisp, fall evenings as "football weather."


Norma said...

Older schools look like the right environment for learning, don't you think? Not like to cereal boxes I see today.

JAM said...

My Younger Daughter is a Senior at Palm Bay High School, and she and all the students say it looks like a prison. The school is only 7 or 8 years old. It DOES look like a prison. It has almost no windows, so all you see is huge expanses of wall. It's like that where I work, but that's for a reason, we deal with pretty sensitive stuff, and windows are one of the easiest ways to eavesdrop, via laser reading window vibrations.

I hadn't been on my high school campus in years, and was amazed at how classy the old buildings looked.