Sunday, January 21, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday January 21, 2007


I've been milking the Louisiana trip's photos. So I'm gonna just keep right on milking.

I took something like 500-600 pictures on that trip, so these probably won't be last ones from that trip you see either.


This first photo was taken at the University of Louisiana-Monroe. It's a foot bridge from some of the dormitories across Bayou Desiard to the other half of the campus.

This is one of the lamps that light the foot bridge in the above photo.

This is a photo of the front of the football stadium at Neville High School in Monroe, La., where I went to high school.

This is a photo looking down Bayou Desiard, taken from the middle of the foot bridge in today's first photo.

This is a photo of Bayou Desiard at a place near the university. It was a gorgeous day, and I thought the sky and the bayou made a great looking pair.

This final one was kind of unexpected. I really like the way the sky and trees of this cemetery are stark enough to give the image the vibe of a black and white image, but BAM, the flowers in the foreground give it a splash of color. (I almost said that the flowers in the foreground give it some life. Get it? Cemetery? Life? Oh, forget it.) Don't be afraid to use that flash outdoors to fill in the foreground boys and girls.


Hammer said...

I bet you could make a coffee table book out of those. The water pics and the cemetary are striking.

JAM said...

Thank you, Hammer.

faustina said...

Those are fantastic photos. I think my favorites are the first two.