Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't Go Grocery Shopping While Hungry...

... and be careful of blogging late at night, when you cannot sleep, when your back is killing you, and you're dog tired.

But then again, it kinda felt good to lay my soul bare there.

I tell you, folks, chronic pain is tough to deal with at times. I deal with it pretty good, but this is definitely a down time for me.

If you didn't read yesterday's post, don't bother. It's just me whining.

I woke up this morning with the thought, "did I really say that on my blog last night?"

I reckon that getting it off my chest that I am lacking in inspiration for living life to the fullest at this point is exactly the type of thing I'd almost rather die than to admit, but then again, writing it down and sending out there like a paper airplane made me feel better.

I took a stress reduction course one time where I work, and they talked about the various personality types, A, B, etc.

This was eight years or so ago, but what I remember is the psychologist that the company had hired to do this for us talked over the various traits of the different personality types.

I'd heard all of my life things like, "she has an A personality" or whatever. But other than figuring out what they were talking about from the context of the statements, I'd never read a real list of personality type traits.

I remember reading ahead in our little packet of printouts from his Powerpoint presentation and thinking, Hey!, that's me! I'm a type C personality.

So a few seconds later, the instructor gets to the type C personality trait list and reads it, and then says, "We like to call this personality type 'cancer prone' because they're the ones you see that just take it all in, don't let it out, and then either finally explode or if they keep it in, they usually get cancer."

I remember thinking, "Great, I go postal or I get a horrible disease. It sucks to be me."

Here is a basic overview of what I'm jabbering about. Scroll down and read the type C guy.

That's pretty darn close, exept for the "dresses fashionably" part. I couldn't even watch the whole movie, The Devil Wears Prada because I SO don't care about fashion that when the people in the movie kept repeating little speeches about how very important fashion is, I got up and left the room. I have things to do that mean something to me, you know? Even hearing the vital importance of fashion from a fictional character pegged my bull poo-poo meter.

Anyway, it's obvious that I don't have much to say again today. But at least I told a story yesterday, today's post is a world-class ramble.

So I'll just shut up now.

I'm thinkin' y'all need a bit of visual cheer after that drivel, so I'm throwing a bit of sunny Florida y'all's way.

Yeah, I know there's some lens flare from the sun in the upper part of this photo, but I was just learning to use the camera at the time. Not that I wouldn't still make the same mistake all over again, mind you, but I like to think I would do better now. But it's definitely a sunny Florida picture.

This is a tree at the same park I took the photo above. In fact, both the above photo and this one can be taken from the same exact spot. It only requires turning around. Even a lazy guy like me can handle that from time to time.

This last one is of a beach house that I just LOVE. This house had a lot of hurricane damage in 2004, and this photo was taken this past summer when they had finally pretty much finished the repairs. You can see the roped off lot of their neighbor's house next door. They were still working on the neighbor's house. I love this one though.

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